The recent takeover of Whatsapp by Facebook goes to prove that dreams once set, can be fulfilled with hard work and out of the box thinking.

The story belongs to those who make their destiny through hard work and patience.

This is one of the most often repeated statements, quite common nowadays. With the advancement of technology, time and space do not matter for the realization of dreams. People, who believe, can make things happen within a short span of time. It has been proved earlier and proved once again this time. Facebook, the behemoth of social networking announced the acquisition of Whatsapp, a messenger application which hosts more than 450 million users. It is led by a Jan Koum who is a Ukraine immigrant in US. But the story is not so simple. He was the same person who was rejected by the recruiting team of Facebook, which found him unsuitable for the job since he was a college dropout and did not fulfill the educational requirements. It is quite strange for most of the people to believe how, without education, he could lead such a great start-up which finally sold out for USD 19 Billion- an amount more than that generated by Facebook in its IPO. But that is what makes history stranger than fiction. Sometime education does not harness the inherent potential but the attitude which defines the altitude of one’s carrier. Education is just an accumulation of knowledge and facts. Application of it makes a new beginning, new inventions and eventually leads to an achievement if propelled in the right direction.

Any task done passionately gives outstanding results. There are many factors involved that make any product successful. First and foremost requirement is simplicity to use. Whatsapp offers what people have been searching for a long time. It provides the instant messaging service along with privacy of content which is just opposite to other social networking platforms where a message or an event, if shared, can easily be seen. Now that Facebook has acquired it, it will be interesting to see for how long this privacy shall be maintained. But one thing is for sure- as long as people are passionate and keep on working on out-of-box thinking, we are bound to get some awesome products like Whatsapp, which pushes the boundaries of conventional ideas of technological use.

By Hitesh Pundir

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