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We had quite a few links posted on the Community yesterday. Posts included funny videos, opinions and of course interesting blog posts from our regular contributors.

These following posts were trending on our community.

Ambitions of a Litterbug

A well written Satirical post on the famous Indian Litterbugs- the ordinary people of our cities and villages who are notorious for their dirty and unpleasant habits of spreading filth. An entertaining article filled with caustic humor that strikes deep into the people who are fond of ‘leaving their artistic imprints on public walls’. The article leaves us questioning the littering tendencies in everyone of us.  

Easy Mojito Recipe

A Recipe blog post shared by one of our regular contributor- Bhaswati Das. A simple and easy to make recipe of Mojito, a cocktail drink that is even popular among the men. 

Accursed Monsters!!

An interesting take on the lives of entrepreneurs by Shabab Khan. Through his personal experiences the author tries to comprehend the inherent nature of Entrepreneurs, whose joy is ‘in rolling the boulder uphill, knowing that it will roll back down so we can roll it up again.

‘Ranveer Sigh and Arjun Kapoor in AIB Knockout !!

A hilarious Trailer of the AIB Knockout show shared by Vidhi Sagar.

These were  top trending posts on IndiaOpines Community. Keep Posting and Keep sharing your opinions on IndiaOpines.

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