Love seems to be brewing between Channel V’s Swim Team couple Amit Gaur & Pooja Bhamrah in real life. Check out the inside story and the couple’s statement

Something is really brewing hot between the Channel V‘s Swim Team Couple – TK and Sana offscreen. Yes, looks like Amit Gaur and Pooja Bhamrah who play the role of TK and Sana respectively are dating in real life as well. While the two seems to be denying the fact that they are dating, they could not hide their feelings for each other.

amit gaur pooja bamrah couple Amit Gaur and Pooja Bhamrah : From Reel Life Couple to Real Life Couple?

Here are some of the latest chatter directly from the sets of Swim Team which airs on Channel V

On the Channel V Sets – The Two, Amit and Pooja are Just Inseparable

Amit Gaur and Pooja Bhamrah share a very close relationship. In fact, whenever they are on the set, they seem to be inseparable from each other. Of course, they are seen hanging around together very often. A source from the set informed that Amit is completely smitten by Pooja and even share a warm bond with her. However, looks like the couple are not comfortable to reveal their feelings about each other at this moment.

Amit Confesses His Fondness for Pooja

When TellyChakkar contacted the actor and asked whether this gossip had any substance, he laughed and said he would definitely kill whoever leaked this news. However, the actor confessed his feelings for his co-star Pooja saying she is a very good friend of his, and they share a great bond together. In addition, he also said that she is a lovely girl and he is indeed fond of her, without denying the fact that they share a great chemistry with each other and even have fun together.

amit gaur swim team Amit Gaur and Pooja Bhamrah : From Reel Life Couple to Real Life Couple?

Now don’t you think this friendship has the potential of turning into next big love story or is it the couple is already in love, now that Amit has expressed his feelings?

Amit and Pooja – The Next reel life turned real life TV Couple?

When Amit denied the gossip that he and Pooja is a Couple, he was asked whether there is any scope of love blooming between them. His reply not only (in a way) confirmed the news, but also indicated that there is definitely more to the story. He said, “If you are fond of someone it definitely means you like her. Our fans, directors and well-wishers like our jodi and I am really glad for their love.”( Source) Hmm, now doesn’t this statement clear all our doubt? Ahem Ahem!

pooja bhamrah amit gour Amit Gaur and Pooja Bhamrah : From Reel Life Couple to Real Life Couple?

What Is Pooja’s Take on this?

Well, Pooja maintains that “we are just friends” statement adding the fact that since they bond well offscreen, it shows on screen as well. In addition, she defended the bonding by saying that since they share a common background of modeling, they connect nicely. When asked about Amit Gaur, Pooja responded that Amit is an amazing person and she is really blessed to have a great friend like him.

Model pooja bhamrah Amit Gaur and Pooja Bhamrah : From Reel Life Couple to Real Life Couple?

Though both Amit Gaur and Pooja Bhamrah are now denying that the two are seeing each other, through their words and statements it just indicates that they are hiding their relationship from the media galore – What do you think?

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