Will Akbar accept Anarkali as his daughter-in-law or is it the right time to show her the door now that Akbar will know about Salim and her affair

Salim’s wedding preparation with Maan Bai is going on full swing in Jodha Akbar serial. Everybody wants the wedding to happen as early as possible. However, Salim who is in love with Anarkali is in a state of shock when he realizes Maan Singh and Rahim are going to Amer to meet Bhagwan Das and initiate talks about the wedding date.

jodha akbar tv serial photos Will Akbar Ask Anarkali to Leave Salim and Never Show Her Face Again?

Salim Tells Jodha about his Love for Anarkali

After knowing about the wedding celebrations, Salim quickly rushes to Jodha and without wasting much of his time mentions that he cannot marry Maan Bai. Jodha is in a state of shock. When she asks the reason, Salim says that he loves Anarkali, the rakasa. He tells the entire tale of his love-hate story with Anarkali. Jodha is speechless; she doesn’t know how to react. She tells Salim how shattered Maan Bai will be after hearing this. Salim, on the other hand explains his dilemma. Though Jodha is taken aback, she still promises Salim that she will talk to Jalal regarding this topic soon.

jodha salim jodha akbar Will Akbar Ask Anarkali to Leave Salim and Never Show Her Face Again?

Will Akbar Accept This Relation of Salim and Anarkali

Whether or not Jodha tells Jalal, Jalal sees Salim hugging Anarkali in a garden. It is obvious Akbar too will get a shock seeing this as Salim is expected to marry Maan Bai soon. However, we do not know how Akbar will react because he here in the serial is seen as the messiah of love. So, how will he reject Salim and Anarkali’s love story is something to watch for. It is apparent, that if he does, it will definitely bring a big rift between the father and son.

salim anarkali jodha akbar Will Akbar Ask Anarkali to Leave Salim and Never Show Her Face Again?

Will Jodha Convince Akbar?

As far as the folklores are concerned we know Akbar most likely will not accept this relation. However, we also know that in this case the TV Akbar will also not bury her alive in walls. Perhaps he shall tell her to go away from Salim’s life permanently without leaving any trace. As far as the TV Akbar is concerned we know he cannot be so rude to bury a person inside a wall, when she is innocent. Besides, the girl has helped him and his family during the recent crisis.

jodha akbar hindi serial 1 Will Akbar Ask Anarkali to Leave Salim and Never Show Her Face Again?

But the question is – Will Jodha convince Akbar to accept Salim and Anarkali’s relation as the two are madly in love and cannot live without each other?

Akbar never rejects Jodha’s offer. He never say “no” to her when she asks him something. So, you never know if Jodha may somehow convince Jalal for this marriage. However, at the same time we do not know what Ruqaiya is up to in the serial. She definitely has some plans to separate Salim and Anarkali in a way that the entire blame will fall upon Jodha. Ruqaiya is keeping a watch on Salim and Anarkali and she is most likely to play a game which will not only effect Salim and Anarkali’ relation but also Jalal and Jodha’s relation.

ruqaiya begum jodha akbar serial Will Akbar Ask Anarkali to Leave Salim and Never Show Her Face Again?

What do you think? How will this track move? Will It be a Mughal-E-Azam part 2? Or will this Akbar be lenient enough to let her go?

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