The brass that was one of the significant findings on excavating the Indus Valley Civilization also seems to be the belonging of ancient America.

I am a senior citizen from India,visiting my daughter in Cupertino,California.
Last month,my daughter,son in law,granddaughter and I went for a stay in Yosemite National Park,CA. We stayed for a few days in a rented home,a renovated and refurbished old house.The place was full of things that reminded one of the old Native American way of life. Especially intriguing were three brass vessels kept as decorative pieces near the fireplace. One is a big vessel,another a smaller one and the third an ornamental little bucket with intricate carvings inside. All these, you can see in my photos attached here.
photo 2 Ancient Brass Vessels And Artifacts
These correspond to similar vessels left behind in our own ancient Indus Valley Civilisation,the big one for boiling hot water for bath,the smaller one for cooking,and the smallest one for Puja or prayers to the Gods. As you know,Indus was a pagan civilization which worshiped many forms of God in elaborate rituals with flowers and chanting of mantras. The carvings inside the small vessel in Yosemite,too,bear a similar resemblance to the higher world. Folks in Yosemite said they had always found the vessels in the house.
antique utensils Ancient Brass Vessels And Artifacts
The artefacts in the  photos seem to beckon me personally to an earlier age and race of culture,metal craft and spiritual orientation. Lots of small,earthen idols of Gods ,fairies and such-likes,and a prominent place to images of frogs,their mascot,were also seen around the compound. Surely,the indigenous people of the American continent had their own ancient civilisation before they were systematically annihilated by the white invaders from Europe.
brass handi Ancient Brass Vessels And Artifacts
They certainly were no “savages” as most Western,esp American,history books seek to make out.
alloy Ancient Brass Vessels And Artifacts
Some of you who read this may be able to see the striking similarities between our own Indus artefacts and the ones from ancient  American ( “native Indian”) past presented in the photos.
Whatever light u can throw on this would be of interest to an intrigued layman that I am.
brass pot Ancient Brass Vessels And Artifacts
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