Anger is an abrupt emotional surge capable of huge devastation. It is all upon a man to not satisfy their anger and ward off devastations.

The writer has elaborated the causes of anger anf its effect in human activities.

One gets angry when his desires are not fulfilled. The degree and the problems vary from one to other. The aggravation of this emotion is directly connected with the response and reaction of his own action. Many a times persons we have seen that persons are terribly excited on trivial matters and loose the mental balance to takeup violence to satisfy the anger. Some feel proud of this end results which only satisfies their ego. Such demonstration can be witnessed mostly in villages where men and women fight for their unproductive glory. Such incidents have also lead to killing of opponents either in group or in single. It is said that mostly the uneducated persons adopt these measures for destruction of the opponents and civilised people do not engage in the scuffle. The reasons can be many.

A weak persons either physically or intellectually resort to violence coming out of anger.In educated society, if a person fails to win over a point by an argument his tendency is to resort to violence.Thus the stimulation of anger is common in both groups. It is the frustration out of failure and poverty which is responsible for creation of anger.

Anger begins in folly, but ends in repentance.Intoxication creates anger and violence as persons under the influence of liquor are not expected to control their mind and action. These people normally repent for their action after the kick of the liquor comes down.Food habits also shape the thoughts and actions of individual. Persons eating non-vegetarian spicy diet each day tend to be more fiery than the persons who consume less spicy vegetarian food.

Vegetarian food Angry Young Man

I am not advocating for increasing the vegetarian population,but cannot help putting forward the stimulant effect of nonvegetarin diets It is for this main reason that saints, religious heads and a section of people avoid these type of foods to control their physiological urges and emotional outbursts.

An angry man can never be a successful person, but a cunning man can reach his goal.We see a number of cinemas, which depicts that though the angry villains are successful in the starting, loose terribly in the end.
This lesson is a message to the people, and, if observed in their life, success can knock the door of every one’s house.


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