Is anger self manageable? Yes. Definitely it’s self manageable by adapting these few tips.

Naturally, all the humans exhibit anger at some life situations. Becoming anger is a normal essential phenomenon for our survival yet if it is prolonged, may affect our health adversely. Though it arises when a person’s self esteem is lowered, it varies from person to person and based on their age. Being angry may damage the interpersonal relationships and affect the quality of life as a whole. Persistent anger will pave the way for chronic head ache, hypertension, cardiac diseases, insomnia, etc. It is very difficult to show our anger on a right person, at the right time in a correct way and is highly challenging to control it. An angry man tends to loss many things in their life rather than simply asking for an apology.

Is anger self manageable? Yes. Definitely it’s self manageable by adapting these few tips. First of all you have to be calm and think about the reasons for anger at least twice. Put yourself in the shoes of others (i.e. empathize) to understand the situation thoroughly. You should be aware that your way of expressing anger will create a great impact on yourself and if not, you might regret it later. Start counting the numbers from 1, 2……., 10 within yourself before you could express anger as it may suppress your anger and give time to think before you act. Then express your emotions and concerns in a polite manner as your words should not hurt others.

take time to think Are You An Angry Young Man?

If you are unable to control your anger, then silently move out of that place, sit relaxed and imagine your favorite place, flower, bird, pet animals, etc to divert your mind. Have a self talk with yourself and find solution for the given situation. Assess your own thoughts and try to change yourself by thinking positively.

talk to self Are You An Angry Young Man?

If your anger is not suppressed, then express your anger by writing on a paper, drawing, boxing with the pillows and talking to others. Lie flat on the bed and stretch your arms and legs relaxed to chill your mind. You can also control your anger by indulging in exercises like jogging, running, swimming, dancing or any other physical workout. Even you can take a short break, long drive, timeout, etc to get rid of anger emotions in you and make you feel light. Watching humorous cartoons, films and reading stories will divert you from anger state.
Follow all these tips to overcome manage your anger and ENJOY your life!

feel light Are You An Angry Young Man?

By Chitra Dev

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