Because Sonam Kapoor is never wise with her tweets.

Twitter has established itself as the best platform to pour a string of ridicules on big wigs, be it Bollywood or politics. Once again Sonam Kapoor was engulfed in the shaming air of mockery.

The recent meat ban launched in the city of Mumbai to ensure the chastity of Jain fasting ritual galvanized Sonam’s fury to burst out as a ‘tweet’, the ‘tweet’ that further ignited others to pin  criticisms on her.


When the trolls elevated its summit, she chose to not reciprocate back to every single individual and tweeted one general tweet, endeavouring to shut them up.


Sonam kapoor, why cannot be you wise with the choice of words? ‘Glamour-outside-and-moron-inside’ has no forgivness on the pages of twitter.

By Prerna Daga

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