Ruqaiya Begum for a change has become one ogf the most hated character on TV from few days. Thanks to Jodha akbar which portrays her as an antagonist  …

“Bechari Jodha – Dusht Ruqaiya” is some of the common terms I have been hearing in my house when Jodha Akbar airs on TV from Monday to Friday. While, I know how bechari Jodha is, I surely cannot handle Ruqaiya Begum being called as Dusht, kapti and jealous character.

The reason, well, I know she wasn’t, at least that’s what the evidences say. But every time I try to defend her, people just turn deaf ears. For instance my mom who is a Jodha Akbar diehard fan just cannot stop cursing Ruqaiya and defending the CVs by saying, “There must be something very negative about her, otherwise why would the makers show her in such a negative way?”

Ruqaiya Sultan Begum Jodha Begum The Growing Animosity amidst Viewers for Ruqaiya Begum of Jodha Akbar

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that, it is not just my mom who thinks in this way but there are many who have the same opinion. Going by the forums, general discussion and even light chats that people do, I have observed many of the people think that yes, Ruqaiya was an antagonist who always planned conspiracies against the poor abla Rajput nari Jodha.

Of course Jodha had to face lot of problems but it was not due to the senior consort Ruqaiya Begum but due to her own father who married her to a Mughal Shenshah so that he could safeguard himself on her cost. Even today, If any Hindu girl marries a Muslim it is quite apparent that she will have to face lot of things, then just imagine that was 16th century. Still, Akbar had accepted most of her demands.

It is quite obvious that the aam aadmi will not research and watch serial just like my mom and many others. So, it is high time, the CVs mellow down Ruqaiya’s negativity a bit and give us a deep insight of the real character before the level of animosity rises and indeed take Ruqaiya Begum as some vamp of the 16th century history.

By: Deepti Verma

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