“ Jo Humse Jale Woh Thoda Side Se Chale!” ~ Ankita Bhargava

A few days ago there was news that Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava are facing marital woes. An online portal reported about their marriage hitting the rocks. Though there was no confirmation from either of the two, the news did create a buzz especially after Karan’s ex-flame Kamya Punjabi said in an interview that no girl would ever want a guy like Karan. 

This however didn’t go well with Karan Patel’s wife. It infuriated Ankita Bhargava so much that she decided to kill her silence and open up about the rumours regarding her supposed tumultuous marriage.

karan patel ankita bhargava 5 Revelations by Ankita Bhargava on Her Rumored Divorce With Karan Patel!


Here are five things that Ankita Bhargava revealed in her open letter –

Ankita Has Slammed People For Spreading Rumours

According to her, it seems that people are just jealous about their relationship including some of the people that they know very well. This is the reason why she says –

“It is going to be one year since our wedding and still some people haven’t come to terms with it. I really feel sorry for people who run away from reality.”

Ankita Bhargava Wants to Stay Away From Negativity

ankita bhargava karan patel 5 Revelations by Ankita Bhargava on Her Rumored Divorce With Karan Patel!

“I feel scared to even post a picture with my husband online because I am scared that they will pump up their bad wishes after realising that Karan and I are actually happy. What hurts is that I have heard a few people who apparently know us well are also part of this gossip! Anways Karan and I both are family oriented people. We have decided to stay away from negative people.”

Karan And I are Soul Mates

Ankita in her open letter said that she and Karan are soul mates. Describing her relationship, she said how the two conpliment each other and also understand each other. She said,

karan patel ankita divorce 5 Revelations by Ankita Bhargava on Her Rumored Divorce With Karan Patel!

“Yes, we are different, As different as Black & White, and Color!

But whatever his soul is made up of, So is mine!”

We spend time apart, We spend time together, We give space, We give respect.”

Divorce and Separation Isn’t Something that Ankita and Karan Think Of

Ankita is in no mood to hear people’s speculations about her relationship. In fact, the couple is fed up of everyday rumors about their relationship. This is the reason why Ankita says that

ankita bhargava marriage 5 Revelations by Ankita Bhargava on Her Rumored Divorce With Karan Patel!


“We don’t come from backgrounds where Divorce, Separation, and Extra-Maritals have ever taken place”

No wonder, few days ago, Kamya Punjabi (Karan’s ex) had dropped sarcasm on Karan-Ankita’s ‘chatt mangni patt marriage’ and said how she would never patch up with Karan.

God Has Planned Our Relationship

Indirectly trying to shoo away people from poking in their affair, the actress further adds that nobody can break the union that has been planned by God, ever.

Yes, the woman has said that, “ab hamara kuch nahi ukhaad sakte” maintainly that the couple will not entertain anymore bull shit in the future.

karan patel ankita 5 Revelations by Ankita Bhargava on Her Rumored Divorce With Karan Patel!

Finally signing off by saying – “ Jo Humse Jale Woh Thoda Side Se Chale!”

Phew! Indeed, Ankita Bharghava surely knows how to make her point heard. No wonder, the haters know now her stance and we hope that they will allow the couple to live peacefully. Wonder, why people try to.interfere in other people’s life.

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