Last week saw the expose of two crucial sting tapes against the Aam Aadmi Party – the Anna Hazare tapes and the Media Sarkar tapes- which caused furore among party ranks. Are these last – minute methods of the Congress and BJP to malign the Aam Aadmi Party?

I was beginning to wonder a couple of weeks ago about where the Congress and BJP were hiding in Delhi. Their advertising was weak, their efforts almost non-existent. One should have guessed – in this era of ‘Saheb vs Shehjhada’, ‘Khooni Panja vs Hitler’. In the era of personal attacks and dubious stings, one was wondering what was in store for Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi party in the last few weeks, and what has happened is perhaps not surprising.

Know Media Sarkar – firstly the site itself is a ‘made up’ (fictitious) site. It looks and feels like a news site, but if you look at its traffic from Alexa, it had none prior to two days ago. It was surely made up solely for the purpose of this so called sting. I heard Shazia Ilmi’s tape – the sting is hardly a sting – yes , she offered to accept donations in cash (and in cheque) – but she never said a receipt will not be forthcoming and neither did she offer any quid pro quo. But as Yogendra Yadav said, the party would look into all tapes and decide the next course of action – and prove the Aam Aadmi party is different. Indeed since that time they have been unable to obtain any raw footage – only adding credibility to the dubious nature of Media Sarkar.

But what people are forgetting is that the motivation of the “Media Sarkar” sting is not to enforce clean candidates in the Aam Aadmi party or among the MLA’s standing up for election in Delhi – the motivation of the Sting is to malign the Aam Aadmi party – plain and simple. And without any doubt “Media Sarkar” is a plant of either the BJP or the Congress (aka Bongress).

What is ludicrous here is that now the Aam Aadmi party members are being judged in media with an expected level of ethics at par with that of the Mahatma Gandhi while similar members in Congress and the BJP are being judged with the level of ethics of Dawood Ibrahim – how is this fair? How can a 2000 Crore scam be compared to a 1 Rupee scam – that is the ploy that the larger parties are employing – by claiming them to be the same.

Paid media is of course in full bloom, with some sites claiming that the Badarpur seat was sold for Rs 2 crores by Arvind Kejriwal himself and the proof is a purported SMS from him. Of course, the news article abuses any sane person’s basic intelligence – why would anyone SMS saying yes, I took 2 crores to give the seat?

The timing of the Anna tapes is also very questionable. Arvind Kejriwal deserves praise in continuing to treat Anna Hazare with great respect when it is quite clear that at least Anna’s inner coterie has been infiltrated by mainstream political parties. The proof is in the fact that Anna’s close meeting was being videotaped for use as “sting” material later.

This is what mainstream parties were waiting for – they were waiting to indulge in last minute mud-slinging and they have let loose for sure. Powerful people (politicians and business people alike) are involved here and why not – a lot is at stake. Imagine all the government contracts, all the over-inflated prices of water, onions and electricity. None of these vested interests would want the aam aadmi to come to power

There are many anecdotes in mythology about reaching goals, one is to fixate only on the end goal – without looking at the rear-view mirror. I would hope that the Aam Aadmi continues its campaign and with more vigor – just a few weeks to go – just a few more weeks for Delhi’s salvation.

By Indrajit Chatterjee

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