Delhi Polls – West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee is the latest to ask her partymen to vote for AAP. She is joined by the Communists and JD (U) leaders – Will it help AAP?

As the much media-hyped campaign that turned nearly hysteric at times came to a halt, Thursday evening a new turn has made Delhi Election 2015 all the more interesting and romantic.

Delhi Election 2015 Will The Support of Anti BJP Parties Tilt Delhi Polls in AAP’s Favour?

The elections to the 70 assembly seats of Delhi will be held Saturday. Over a crore voters will decide the fate of 622 candidates, results of which would be declared on February 10.

This new turn is for the AAP

All the non-BJP parties have declared their support to the AAP and Arvind  Kejriwal forgetting that they were once staunch opponents of the same political outfit. To stop the BJP juggernaut which rolled out on its victory march since the Lok Sabha elections, all these political outfits came together putting their difference at the back burner. These parties believe that Kejriwal and his AAP bandwagon has the capacity to check the Modi juggernaut effectively and therefore, they extended their unconditional support to AAP.

mamta banerjee aap delhi Will The Support of Anti BJP Parties Tilt Delhi Polls in AAP’s Favour?

Trinmool Supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee is the latest to ask her partymen to vote for AAP in Delhi Polls. She is joined by the Communists and JD (U) leaders who are decimated in their respective strongholds. More surprising is the support extended by De Gowda’s JD (S), Mulayam’s SP and Nitish Kumar’s JD(U)—the parties that claim to have dedicated them for the cause of social justice.

Interesting thing to note here is the fact that, AAP did not go after these parties seeking their support, they themselves have announced their support voluntarily to team Kejriwal in the only hope that AAP would pull brakes on ‘Modi-Shah Express’ in Delhi.

Some political observers feel that this step by the so-called ‘secular and democratic’ parties betrays their desperation in arresting onward march of BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah. It may be recalled that these parties had way back in 2009 extended their ‘voluntary’ support to the UPA II dispensation. Though they did not stop from their rhetoric of blaming the Congress party for all the ills country was facing then, yet they supported the UPA.

But their support to Kejriwal, who had no track record of doing any service to the country and society, who lacked terribly the knowledge of statecraft and who always advocated against the system to the extent of supporting anarchy, is beyond any logical understanding and justification.

For the political observers, these parties, who had stalwarts like Nitish KumAr, Mulayam Singh, Mamta Banerjee, laying prostrate at the door of much junior, inexperienced and anarchist Kejriwal and his bandwagon of ‘urban naxalites’, is something that cannot be justified and explained but for their innermost desire to see Narendra Modi and BJP defeated at least in Delhi.

kejriwal delhi anarchist Will The Support of Anti BJP Parties Tilt Delhi Polls in AAP’s Favour?

There is no permanent friend or foe in politics, they say. True. But stopping this low to defeat a particular political party? Compromising with all their ethos, values and ethics of democratic polity which assured ‘free and fair’ election and a responsible opposition? The same Mamta, the same Nitish sided with the BJP and even shared and enjoyed the fruits of office as minsters. Where was their ‘anti-BJP-ism’ then?

The way Kejriwal and gang hijacked the India Against Corruption movement launched by a social opportunist in the garb of a gentleman mass leader and formed the AAP to grab political power to end corruption through ‘Janlokpal’ legislation, should have alerted these desperate leaders who are not afraid of staking their career at the altar of the AAP.

The AAP gang is not a political outfit. It is a conglomeration of NGOs and Kejriwal is their gang leader. This gang is urban prototype of Naxalites who are working in the jungles against the government and people. These AAP urban naxalites are talking of destabilising the system and creating anarchy in the country. Only their modus operandi is different.

These parties should do well to see through this game of AAP. They are responsible to make this political contest AAP-centered and Kejriwal focused. In that they are risking their own political future. They would be rendered redundant by these AAP and will be thus compelled to either retire to recluse or stay under the banner of AAP. Thus, they will be responsible to bring this anarchist ideology to the forefront and even help them win election to power and eventually throw this country into perpetual anarchy as some of the NGOs have succeeded in some countries of the world.

It may be mentioned that the AAP could win four Lok Sabha seats in Punjab and came second in Delhi with a 49-day shortest stint at the seat of power albeit with the support of the Congress, and secured 21 percent votes in the entire country. Though the RJD, JD(U), SP, BJD, CPI, NCP and other parties secured more seats in Lok Sabha, the AAP had given indication that it has the potential to become a major party in India in future. And if leader like Kejriwal were to get a chance to lead the opposition parties, the day would not be far off when the NGOs would control the politics of this country. Nobody will be in a position to stop them then.

aap funding scam Will The Support of Anti BJP Parties Tilt Delhi Polls in AAP’s Favour?

They have all the resources at their disposal to grab the power. The massive financial support tops the list. Even in this Delhi Assembly elections, funds came for AAP from 122 nations. Kejriwal went to Dubai and USA in Business Class to collect funds for this election. The government and election commission would better examine the sources of his funds as per the legal requirement lest they contaminate the social and political atmosphere. This is the party that has attracted the talents through its NGO culture. This may prove a danger signal for the welfare of the majority people.

They also have good influence over the media. The campaign the 24×7 news channels launched for AAP in the recent days is still fresh in public memory. The ground reality was AAP would decide the agenda for the media and media would follow blindly. The propaganda was so intense that anyone even a school-going child would easily predict the victory of AAP in Delhi! So powerful was the ‘AAP-influence’.

Considering all these possibilities, these secular and anti-BJP parties should rethink their decision to stand behind the AAP and let the country in the hands of NGO-mentality leaders who would be interested more in anarchy than in governance. They should remember that the AAP is that virus of Indian polity that would utilise them to defeat the BJP and eat them at an appropriate time.

By: Virag Pachpore

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