Now more than 6 months after Modi came to power, the question worth asking is, “Have the Anti Modi Crusaders left for Pakistan?”


A few days back, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti’s Controversial statement created quite a furore in the country, especially in the parliament. For the first time after the BJP formed the Government at the centre, the opposition parties were (finally) armed with a “relevant topic” to corner the government.

All the opposition parties ganged up on the government to make it bow or concede a psychological defeat. Similarly Narendra Modi’s comment on bringing the black money to India within 100 days has been used, time and again, by various Congress and other opposition parties’ spokespersons to ridicule the PM of the country.

Petty politics on past statements, controversial or not, have become a trend and a weapon of choice among the opposition parties. In this light it is interesting to remember various Anti-Modi comments by notable UPA politicians and so called left liberal  ‘intellectuals’ before the 2014 Lok Sabha Election.

modi hitler pakistan Anti Modi Crusaders : Have They Left For Pakistan?

One of the Morphed Pictures Circulated over the Internet

Those statements were extreme, foul and maligning in nature and portrayed Modi as a monster, a Gujarati avatar of Hitler, a man who, upon grabbing power, would start building concentration camps and gas chambers for exterminating the minorities of India. A Dark picture of what India would look under Modi was painted to mislead the people of the country. An India plagued with fascism and widespread genocide, where no secular man can possibly stay peacefully.

Now more than 6 months after Modi came to power, the question worth asking is Have they left for Pakistan? 

Out of all the ‘tall’ personalities, who have indulged in unadulterated anti -Modi bashing, the tallest one is Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen. Sen in an interview to a leading news channel had said openly that he would not vote for Modi as he doesn’t have enough secular credentials. He claimed that Modi didn’t do enough for the Muslims and the Muslims doesn’t feel safe under his rule.

Amartya Sen Anti Modi Crusaders : Have They Left For Pakistan?

If he were a common man then his irresponsible statement would have been tolerable but this kind of divisive statement coming from the most celebrated economist of the country, a Bharat Ratna and a Nobel laureate, is very unfortunate. He deliberately played the Muslim card, a favourite of the pseudo seculars. He indirectly blames Modi for the Gujarat riots, a charge Modi later would be  exonerated of by the supreme court of India. Furthermore the statement pits Muslims against Modi, a Hindu leader, isn’t it divisive in nature?

A man of his ‘stature’ should be above politics and shouldn’t pit one community against the other. Both pro-hindu and pro-muslim stances are divisive in nature and should be condemned. He is also known to have said that being a Bengali he doesn’t vote for BJP. What does this suppose to mean? Who gives him the right to speak for the whole Bengali community?

Such irresponsible comments weren’t expected from him. Comments like this just reinforce the idea that Nobel Prize has really become cheap and has become a tool for western patronization. Economist living in western developed countries can lecture about the poor, malnourished and minorities from air conditioned rooms and in the process get adorned with a Nobel Prize.

Shivam Vij, an ‘independent’ journalist and an associate editor of a news website has been the most ardent Modi hater. He has time and again accused Modi of abetting the killing of Muslims in Gujarat. To him it was not a riot but a genocide, a state sponsored pogrom. I wonder how 254 Hindus ended up dying.

shivam vij anti modi Anti Modi Crusaders : Have They Left For Pakistan?

According to Vij , Modi is the ‘tormentor of Gujarat’s Muslims’ and Hindutva ideology is a carbon copy of Hitler’s Nazism. He had warned that if Modi came to power then the Muslims of India would have to live as second class citizens and have to constantly bow before the man who has shown them their place. Such language just breeds hatred. Does journalism mean talking anything without responsibility?

It seems he has become such a passionate Modi basher that he defends anything that is anti Modi. He defended Sardesai in the spat near Madisson Square Garden by saying that Modi supporters provoked him. Well the whole country knows who was repeatedly asking provoking questions. He even, in one of his articles, counted on parties who engage in vote bank politics to polarise Muslim votes in favour of Non-NDA parties and hoped that such parties will not support Modi due to the chances of their loosing Muslim votes.

And of course Shivam’s famous editorial in the Tribune (Pakistani journal no less) – “If Modi comes to power … a lot of people, will unite to cry “Fascism! Fascism!

So vote bank politics is all fine but a three time Chief Minister of a rapidly developing State, who has been given a clean chit in Gujarat riot case, is a Nazi and not fit to become the Prime Minister. Criticizing the so called ‘intolerance’ of Modi in an offensive language and intolerant manner has become a trait of frustrated left liberal journalists. He is quite an apt example of a pseudo Left liberal journalist; neither ‘Leftist’ in Actions nor ‘Liberal’ in thought.

Jairam Ramesh the congress leader had said in an interview that Modi’s fascism is akin to Hitler’s Nazism. Well this has been their favourite way at ridiculing Modi but in the end they ridicule themselves by making such illogical statement. He compares the growth in Gujarat with that of Germany during early 1930s.In a Clear reference to Hitler’s ascension to power in 1933, he compared Modi’s chances of coming to power in 2014.

He warned that just like Hitler managed to create a miracle in Germany, Modi might bring development in India but just like Hitler, Modi’s fascism will destroy India in the long run. Well we understand the economy and development part but ‘Modi’s Fascism?’ You mean sabka saath sabka vikas? I personally have respect for the intellectual in Jairam Ramesh but the politician in him has to toe the line of the Queen of Congress and as such, had to denigrate Modi even at the cost ofridiculing himself by making such statements.

Mani Shankar Iyer is yet another such personality. He is famous for his ‘chaiwala’ comment. He had said ‘Modi will never become PM but can Sell Tea’ during the election campaign for 2014 Loksabha. Such shameless personal attack on Modi based on his humble beginnings is condemnable.

TH21 MANI SHANKAR  1463651f Anti Modi Crusaders : Have They Left For Pakistan?

He is also known to have said ‘Modi is adopting same policies which Hitler pursued in Germany in 1930s. He is a snake and dangerous for India’s unity and stability.‘ Well there you go. Again Hitler. Wild allegations without any substance. Comparing a respected leader of the masses to a Snake is pathetic. As for Unity and Stability, the last 6 months has been a nice indicator on how Modi is ‘destroying’ India’s Unity and Stability.

Fr Frazer Mascarenhas of St Xaviers College had written a letter to his students encouraging them of voting against BJP before the 2014 Loksabha. He as a citizen of India is free to air his views but to use his position as the Principal of a reputed college to influence the students is wrong and unethical.

01 Anti Modi Crusaders : Have They Left For Pakistan?

A principal of any education institution should guide the students in their academic pursuits but should not take undue advantage of his position to influence the political beliefs of young students. He urged his students to not to votecommunal parties. The question is that how a Principal of a college which has 50% percent reservation for Christians students can claim to be secular and ask its students to shun communal parties?

The ‘Maut ka Saudagar’ was the infamous remark uttered by Sonia Gandhi to describe Narendra Modi. It was from this that other leaders took great liberty in using foul language against Modi. Refering to the Godhra riots Sonia Gandhi blamed Modi for the killing of Muslims by calling him by this derogatory term ‘Maut ka Saudagar’. This kind of foul language used by a ‘Supreme’ leader of a national Party is totally unacceptable but did she apologise? Well the Queen can always get away with about anything under the sun, including a plethora of large scale scams.

sonia gandhi maut ka saudagar Anti Modi Crusaders : Have They Left For Pakistan?

Last on the List, but not the least in any manner is Madam Mamata Bannerjee. She wanted to ‘tie a rope around Modi and made him walk on the street’. She called Modi a Donkey and Danga Babu.

Any level of civilities that existed in Bengal politics had been thrown out of the window by the arrival of Mamata and her stooges. No doubt, a senior leader of trinamool, Tapas Pal, wanted to subdue their political opponents by raping their wives. Such uncivilized manner of referring to your political opponent is really unfortunate.

Modi has become the favourite target for the Trinamool Congress. The major inroads made by BJP in Bengal have just accentuated the Anti-Modi stance of Trinamool congress.  These days one can always find a mini team of trinamool MPs outside parliament protesting on sadhvi’s comment or some baseless issues but they themselves never apologised for their misconducts and foul mouthed politics.

mamata banerjee Anti Modi Crusaders : Have They Left For Pakistan?

Modi has been called a Donkey, Snake, Maut ka Saudagar, Tormentors of Muslims, Danga Babu, a Fascist and Hitler. But did he complain ever? No, he is busy in doing what he does best, and that is Governing. Did the people who called Modi by such assortments of foul words and terms ever apologised to him humbly? Never! But the ‘same’ people are so very adamant that they want PM to make Shadhvi resign due to her condemnable statement.

She apologised and everybody deserves a second chance. Petty politics on such issues and wasting of valuable time of the house (Parliament) is very tragic. Modi has been in Power for more than 6 months and there are noconcentration camps or gas chambers but rather two large-scale initiative on cleanliness and manufacture industry, under the slogan of Sabka saath sabka vikas. The people who so assiduously tried to create the bogeyman of ‘Maut ka suadagar’ Modi, now stand derided. Now since they have created a picture of utter destruction and panic and question is why they are still here?

anti modi crusaders pakistan Anti Modi Crusaders : Have They Left For Pakistan?

Given their love for ‘Secularism’, Anti-Modi Propaganda and one particular community, whom they try to appease for vote bank politics without working for their long-term benefits, I expected them to leave for Pakistan with the coming of Narendra Damodar Modi as PM of India. 

By: Avinandan Choudhury

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