Check out 5 Original April Fool Prank Ideas for Bloggers on the ocassion of April 1st. Also, check out about Digital India an initiative started by Modi govt

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April Fools Day Full Story From The Blogs : 5 Original April Fool Prank Ideas for Bloggers

5 Original April Fool Prank Ideas for bloggers

Today is April Fools Day and as a blogger you can use it to amaze your readers with your funny sense of humor. You can also use it to grab some natural links by cracking a april fool joke, that everyone would believe. Here, check out some  ideas that you could use to play a prank with your blog readers, and give them a reason to smile, when they will know you got them with your prank. Read to know the details.

Delicious Fruit Cobbler Recipe

Cobbler is an American dessert quite similar to pie but much easier to make. It is said to have been brought to America by the early British settlers; who came up with different variations of their own traditional puddings; due to the lack of availability of ingredients. This innovation gave us many delectable desserts which would have otherwise never been invented.  Check out here the delicious Fruit Cobbler Recipe

2 IT = India Tomorrow

A thought provoking post on DIGITAL India which has been initiated by the Modi government to bridge the gap between the rural and urban India wrt Digitization. Read the author’s view on how How does e-governance through technology accelerate this vision of digital India, the scope of digital India, and of course her concerns on the same.

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