Arjun and Subhadra after eloping in a filmy style are now officially husband and wife in Mahabharat. Read their dramatized wedding here

Finally, the two Arjun and Subhadra, Lord Krishna’s half sister are officially husband and wife after Subhadra running off from her marriage mandap for her love, Arjun. While, Kunti is only eager to bless them, Dhritarashtr is highly pissed and so is Duryodhan who is ready to remove his weapon against Arjun. But, but, but… Mama Shakuni convinces him to calm down in the new Mahabharat.

Bhishm Pitama once again shouts Adharm Adharm but he is again interrupted by Lord Krishna who explains him the meaning of dharma, change and paramparas. No wonder, Bhishm Pitama doesn’t like Krishna’s behaviour but Krishna any how conveys his point.

Arjun Subhadra Arjun and Subhadra officially Husband and Wife in Mahabharat

Meanwhile, Draupadi as a sanyasini is thinking all about Arjun and is not ready to eat a ladoo sent by Bheem. She says it won’t look appropriate if she eats ladoo as Arjun too is living a life full of hardship and not eating such good delicacies. However, Bheem convinces her to eat.

In the episode, we could see Arjun closes his eyes and ask forgiveness from Draupadi before getting married to Subhadra. However, going by the earlier version and the book, I think although he was worried about Draupadi, he was desperate to marry Subhadra because he was attracted to her. But, the new Mahabharat has a different tale to tell. Here, Arjun ask forgiveness saying that he is marrying Subhadra only for the sake of Dharma. Hmm…distortion , yet again!

Ah, never mind, as we audiences are more inclined towards Shaheer Shaikh as Arjun, and also believe in the mantra – “enjoy the fictious side of the story for the moment”. Let’s see what happens tomorrow after Draupadi sees Arjun and Subhadra together…

By: Deepti Verma

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