Star Plus Mahabharat seems to have referred more Bollywood movies than mythological writings. No wonder, it goes filmy by showing Arjun as Bollywood hero & Draupadi as heroine

The term “Mahabharat” evokes lot of respect and value within any person. However, every time, we see the new Mahabharat, neither we are induced with any high esteem nor any respect. The reason, well blame the slacky characters and the loose plot. The makers of the new Mahabharat are least interested in giving us a mythological drama. Looks like, they are either inspired by Bollywood’s Yash Chopra or Indian Television’s Ekta Kapoor.

mahabharat tv serial satyavati Arjun and Draupadi’s Rendezvous – Filmy?

For instance, the hide and seek meeting of Arjun and Draupadi prior to her swayamvar amidst the beautiful garden in the temple premises reminds one of Yash Chropra and his movies. The background music further makes it more like a Hindi movie. Then, the way the two, Arjun and Draupadi are drawn to each other through strange forces reminds one of Ekta Kapoor’s serial, where the male and female protagonist always miss the chance of meeting, in spite of moving through the same premises again and again. Aha, same old stuff, but then why show us this in Mahabharat? Don’t we have so many options to see this stupid hide and seek game?

Are the makers trying to show Modern Mahabharat to the 21st century audiences? Filmy meetings, filmy thoughts and filmy dialogues – what is the new Mahabharat trying to portray? For a moment, I felt Draupadi was like Sridevi and Arjun was like Rishi Kapoor of Chandni or you can say Deepika Padukone and Ranvir Singh of Ram Leela.

Mythological Story inspired from films? Aha, now this is the last thing we expect as ignorant audiences. Well, they should really have a look on other period dramas like Jodha Akbar, Buddha and the new Ramayana instead of doing their homework by watching Hindi films.

What do you feel – If producers make such Mahabharat, will the epic gain any respect from our generation next?

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Image Source: StarPlus

January 29, 2014 at 5:24 pm

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