Arjun in order to save the cows entered Draupadi’s room and violated the oath. In this episode, he is set to go in exile.

Alright, the day has come in the Mahabharat where Arjun in order to save the cows of a common man gets into the room of Yudhishtr and Draupadi, breaking the oath which they had taken. To remind you the oath was – ‘none of the Pandavas will ever enter the room of their common wife “Draupadi” when she is with another brother.’

However, in order to save the cows from Takshak, Arjun is compelled to enter the room where Yudhishtr and Draupadi are playing dice so that he can take his Gandiv and save the cows. He gets inside the room in haste without looking here and there, astonishes the couple and takes his Gandiv and silently moves out.

Arjun Mahabharat Arjun Ready for his 12 years of Exile in Mahabharat

Once, he saves the cows, he apologizes the couple, saying “I have committed the mistake, breached the oath and so I will have to bear the punishment too.” He then touches the feet of Yudhishtr and the two becomes emotional. Well, I had read in all the books that Yudhishtr convinces Arjun not to take this extreme step but Arjun being the man of his words takes the righteous path of going in exile. In addition, Yudhishtr puts certain facts that since he breached the oath taken only for helping the people and saving the lives of the cows, he is not liable to any punishment. But, Arjun says he must stick to the oath that was taken in front of Ved Vyasa.

This was most of the book says. However, in the serial, I didn’t see Yudhishtr convincing his little brother nor did I see Draupadi convincing him to stay back. All she had, was tears. Something that surprised me was Draupadi’s this statement – “Your experience will help Indraprasth and in the process I will inculcate the virtue of patience.”

Wasn’t Draupadi the one to tell Arjun and convince him not to go? Phew, I couldn’t hear the words “Please don’t go” even once. Looks like the other brothers in the TV were waiting for this day only.

By: Deepti Verma

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