Draupadi’s swayamvar – Arjun wants to make an exit. But Krishna stops him. The disguised Arjun then participates, surprising the kshtriya clan with his extraordinary skills. Check out the interesting update of 6th February here

It was the third and final day of Draupadi’s Swayamvar in the new Mahabharat. Maharaj Drupad on the instruction and advice of Lord Krishna invited the Brahmans to participate in the competition. Hearing this, Arjun tells Yudhishtr that it would be better if they exit as everybody’s attention would now be on the Brahmnas standing, and in the process Duryodhan would eventually recognize them. Yudhishtr agrees and the five brothers move towards the exit.

Arjun Swayamvar Mahabharat 6th February Update: Arjun Wins the Swayamvar

Draupadi is tensed looking Arjun and his brothers making an exit. However, at that very moment Vasudev Krishna stops them by saying, this might be their turning point and so they should not make an exit, instead compete the swayamvar with might. Here, Bhim convinces Arjun to participate. Yudhishtr too joins Bhim saying that, if Krishna is insisting, you should indeed go for this.

Seeing a Brahman coming to contest a competition meant for kshtriyas all the kings and princes have a hearty laugh and greet the disguised Arjun with lot of taunting words. On the other hand, Brahmans are proud to see a fellow Brahman competing; they bless him and remind him about Parshuram, the great.

The mocking continues when Arjun greets Drupad along with Shikhandini and Draupadi. Prince Rukmi then asks where will he keep the Princess after marrying her, in a temple? Krishna interrupts him again by mentioning his sister Rukmani and Krishna’s devotion towards her. Arjun then in a striking way lifts the bow, shocking all the Kshtriya princes and kings including Duryodhan and Mama Shakuni. Karna all the while is shown staring at Arjun.

And then with all his might, power and strength, the disguised Arjun hits the bull’s eye,that is the eyes of the fish and gets the target straight. Yes, Arjun wins the swayamvar disguised as a Brahman.

In the precap, Karna seems to recognize Arjun, let’s see how Duryodhan and mama Shakuni’s manipulative mind work’s after knowing the fact…

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Arjun, Star Plus

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