We have two great noble Good Samaritans Arnab Goswami and Arvind Kejriwal born amidst us – The aces who are fighting cheats and hypocrites!

Recently read two opinionated articles here on IndiaOpines, one by Prateek Tandon and the other by Dr. Akash Pandey.

Taking on the second name first, Dr. Akash you quote wrt Arnab Goswami – Has the anchor got some ethics and shouldn’t he follow it because he has got a chance to help countrymen make independent opinion. Why my friend? What the hell does one do to get an independent opinion?

arnab goswami Arnab Goswami And Arvind Kejriwal – Two Aces Fighting Out Cheats And Hypocrites

What ethics did Congress have when they conspired to destroy specific classified files of our National Hero – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? Each and every scam needed this loud blowing off the lid, out of ones’ sanity even if that only one is one in a few millions Arnab Goswami …

We have had enough of ineffective goody-goody journalism, we look forward every day to someone as brutally honest / sincere and as vehement and vociferous as Arnab, who is blessed with both political and judgmental acumen, besides all that is required to make an excellent ++ media journalist to carry out these great media trials to say the least!

You Sir, are most welcome to be with your hostel friends to change the channel to your quietness to our disquiet nation, go to sleep or surf; times have changed – brilliant honest people will take over and see this hitherto damned country leap out of this sluggish indifference and depression to march towards genuine progress, prosperity to look after its very timid, good but poverty stricken downtrodden!

The other article was written by Prateek Tandon which I liked going through. His opinion, I repeat was appreciated, but mind you it wasn’t liked or loved ardently. In fact, not loved at all – It did have an opinion, may be a lame one but the article certainly lacked profundity to impress. Or should I say you got to be far more eloquent to touch upon or write / talk / or even try to think of putting a certain Mr. Arnab Goswami in correct perspective, leave alone pin him down to a corner ! 

For a long time I was itching to talk on a subject like this and Prateek has done exactly that, he rubbed it in, and here I am in full flow of the verbose of words so befitting of a spitfire temper of mine on this passionate subject.

When the blood was boiling in ordinary mortals, things were getting out of hand – one after another scams sprouted, crores were heaping up to trillions wrongfully on one side, yes it was indeed one Arnab Goswami who started booking these criminals one after the other, very rightfully questioning the rogues / blowing the whistle / spilling the beans Media trial was at its best!  it was obvious the guy was boiling hot / angry and he will not lent or spare; thus single handedly he changed the rules of the game.

He was intelligent, he was charged, he knew he was good on all the counts of a.) Vocal Prowess b.) Fluency + speed in flawless execution of thought delivery c.) Ability to grill an accused d.) Crisp in staying on track of thought e.) Sheer eloquence in speech, I always thought what beautiful English / choice of diction he has … and what not I could go on and on!

He thus carved his niche, amongst a few goody goody types, some not so honest not so intelligent and not so charged mediocre unable to stand out as a brutally honest, refusing to be cowed down under whatever pressure! Even when it was anybody’s guess the guy was being hounded in office, and make no mistakes there was in the midst – conflict of interest too, as he like any other, would be getting paid for a job one does, as of course one has to exist after all.

arnab goswami ramnath goenka award Arnab Goswami And Arvind Kejriwal – Two Aces Fighting Out Cheats And Hypocrites

Besides the gift of the gab, God has given him like all else – a stomach too, but gentleman besides a stomach and the gab he also has an emotional and honest heart, an analytical brain with honest thinking, but he is Human and thus fallible, he can get corrupted! Corrupted in kind and thought and ego – after all he is also very Human!! 

Now let me tell you how he can be and how he got corrupted.

You are right my friend when you say – the results of Lok Sabha election 2014 got into his head. Somebody made him believe strongly, that the UPA fall was because of the new ‘trendsetter’ in the town : Lord Arnab Goswami of the English prime time News Hour ! He started taking it as a personal achievement when it was not he alone but others out there fighting on the streets relentlessly, fighting it out with the corrupt regime facing the tear gas shells, lathi charges of a corrupt politicians’ enslaved sham of a Police!

Yes my friend, perhaps you are right saying that … but that is only partial truth, as the fight on the street was not by just any others, it was by now very clearly, a very well known name, that of a dauntless courageous Man, and by now a great and respected name named : Arvind Kejriwal, besides Anna Hazare who refused to get his teeth, by getting into direct politics for change which, yes you Arnab, you coolly appropriated it as your own personal triumph and along with you even a certain shrewd clever politician with a bombastic name Narendra Damodardas Modi backed by an Amit Shah and the extremely monolithic party BJP who walked away with the accolades which actually belonged to Arvind Kejriwal and his party of good men and women; yes that was the time Arvind let himself off against Arvind and most certainly he faced a huge defeat but today, in hindsight we see that the party BJP is other side of an even worse sham coin – Congress !

Yes it was you Arnab, you cooly mis-appropriated it as your own personal triumph and alone you egotistically got sucked into your syndrome of plundering and annihilating your opponents in plush environs of your air-conditioned studios, fighting it out with loud decibels yes, you brought in a revolution of a kind, inside your comfort zone, but there were other greater people out there on the roads who braved the unknown / risked their lives – having the balls to fight like a man in the goddamned OPEN, fighting for 2 square meals for the poor, notwithstanding the 4 degrees temperature for a hapless girl victim, fighting age old MPs of a corrupt Parliament, fighting communal / secular sick politics, fighting for Jan Lok Pal bill and what not even landing themselves in jail against some Gadkari!

There were others too Arnab, fighting out there hitherto thought of as an impossible battle! Fighting the draconian Congress along with astute street smart Digvijay / Sibal / Singhvi / Manish / Salman / Shiela / name them, they were all there to heckle at the iconic AK and his boys, men and women, relentlessly battling – facing tear gas shells, lathi charges of the most inept corrupt politicians’ enslaved sham of a Police !

Now coming to your other point, my friend you spoke of Arnab and I quote : “ that your daily hour of ‘daring journalism’, had degraded to an arrogant irrational noisy hour. ” Gentleman, I understand of your becoming indifferent to all that, is going on in our hapless country for some time now! We have got used to the regular news of rapes in our society, we have got used to defunct rules and laws, we are a defunct state with lakhs of unsolved legal battles, where once they used to say – justice delayed is justice denied now we are so thick skinned we don’t even ponder to think what’s going on!

You may have a liking for the retired General but I don’t find anything very passionate or inspiring about the Politician V.K. Singh. I feel he is miserable, just a big opportunist that’s but all … remember that rogue of a state’s President Musharraf – he too was a General so what’s so great about this one!

Gentleman, in Urdu there is a couplet which goes

“ Hazaaron saal Nargis apnay baynoori pay roti hai – Badee

  Mushqil se hotee hai chaman mein ek deedaawar paidaa ! ”

For a thousand years this hapless Nargis the nautch girl weeps –

Its ever so rare for a great noble Samaritan born to rescue her!

Yes, we have two great noble Good Samaritans Arnab and Arvind born amidst us! And yes, our Politics have touched new lows, in fact the very nadir of its lowest! We are an extremely sad sad nation, skeletons after skeletons roll out each day of our cupboards, and now it is the story of the Nation’s greatest Hero – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose …

arvind kejriwal arnab goswami1 Arnab Goswami And Arvind Kejriwal – Two Aces Fighting Out Cheats And Hypocrites

This sick Congress should now be decimated from its big Delhi zero status to a big Zero in Parliament and should we say very humbly, we need you dear Arnab for this great job. The Nation wants you to know that ‘you’ are the darling of the Nation … However make no more mistakes of not respecting each and every Arvind in the streets of Delhi / U.P. / Punjab / Haryana etc. Make no mistakes by playing into the hands of silly Politics of a certain Yogendra Yadav and a mean Shanti Bhushan with his hapless son Prashant who in spite of there erudition have fallen a victim to greed … if you did not trust Arvind Kejriwal during Lok Sabha / you did not do anything to help him in Assembly elections either!

He was so disgusted with all the journalists … calling him a “ bhagodaa ” and other abuses which helped him so much later in his victory. Yes Kejriwal might have got greedy but he was greedy only to get India back on tracks – I am sure you have heard of the oft quoted : “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” yes Kejriwaal rushed in …. Fool he was but he was in a mad mad rush to see an India SANS CORRUPTION to see the India of his dreams which many of us dream but a very very minuscule or may be only one singular number Arvind Kejriwal who dared to come out loud and clear to sweep his nation of this malaise … its TIMES’ NOW

Arnab, either you come to the streets and let us nominate you for the next PM of India or please help a certain Arvind to get into the slot so that we may realize our dreams, and let truly have Satyamev Jayate ….As we all deserve this victory even a very secular Aamir Khan!!!

By – Indraneel Mukherjee

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