Only if, Arnab Goswami takes a position in the media, then Arvind becomes a natural ally, a mutual catalyst to herald the healthy change India truly deserves!

Only if, Arnab Goswami takes a position in the media, then Arvind becomes a natural ally, a mutual catalyst to herald the healthy change India truly deserves!

arnab goswami Only if, Arnab Goswami takes a Position in the Media, then Kejriwal Becomes a Natural Ally

On Media Houses and the CM’s admonition for Public trial ! Are salaries to staff, money through Ads., profiteering in lakhs the whole sole aim of Media houses that it has to turn a blind eye to ethics, character, integrity, in order to just do wrong representation, questionable reporting and showing somebody in bad light when they are brilliant minds.

Is it not the duty of the 4th pillar to uphold – a great mindset trying to do great jobs, a mindset born out of huge anger against nepotism, corruption, injustice which make your blood boil. An anger, which could kill an ordinary person from cerebral thrombosis, an anger which can make you not just potently paralyzed but where even a quintessential mosquito could turn him to an eunuch!

Can you just play around with the qualities of an upbeat leader of an individual, having natural statesmanship qualities, ultimate courage, with hitherto unseen, unmatched in zeal and dedication of putting country before self, with only one conviction in mind, and that of ridding the country of corruption, to put it right back on track, to the place it rightfully belongs “Bharot aabaar jawgot shawbhaaye sreshtho aashono lawbay” as eloquently put by the great Bengali poet D. L. Roy a century back – meaning India will once again take centre stage amongst the comity of nations where it actually belongs; not where it is today with a record so vicious and sick?

Why pay lip service Mr. Arnab Goswami, day in and day out? Why shout your lungs out?? You were right when you said shouting was necessary to report the corruption that was going on in the country; we agreed to it, loved you for it … but, make no mistakes that the same audience is now watching you / in fact the whole nation is actually watching you and it also understands you, the likes of you, who shout and shout …. JUST TO DROWN OUT THE TRUTH ! We can see through you, whom you are trying to support or there is a motivation / a vested interest !

Arnab Goswami Jodha Akbar Only if, Arnab Goswami takes a Position in the Media, then Kejriwal Becomes a Natural Ally

The AAP is a great idea, come on accept it! History will curse you if you don’t rise to the occasion of helping this movement! It is a great idea as one always thought, if Arnab takes a position in the media in an extremely responsible way that he does sometimes, then Arvind becomes the natural ally and a mutual catalyst which could herald the actual change India truly deserves! Implement the necessary changes in order to get the benefit of that change – support the party at all stages in order to cleanse the age old dirt and lift the country out of such quagmire, which day in and day out Arnab always shows anyway! So why can’t Arnab and Arvind work hand in hand to bring about this great change?

Yes we all know you were the first to expose the scams on the TV don’t become so egotistical of a megalomaniac yourself repeating that in every 2nd debate of the Newshour. When will you start saying that it was Arvind Kejriwal who walked the streets of Delhi / India to inspire hundreds of youth till now who did not have the courage to come out openly against monolithic bodies. Even you didn’t like Delhi and left it for reasons which everyone knows! You felt you will not have that freedom to do what you are seeking to do … your journalism would be flawed if you do not see the rot till its cure, you are just half way there. So let Kejriwal take up where you leave in the studio and do some real good for India, or else you are exposing your swishy washy self, standing on flimsy ground and making your journalism yellow and look hollow, smacking lack of true courage, integrity and backbone!

Haven’t you Mr. Goswami exposed all the scams; haven’t you exposed the nefarious and sick outpourings of almost archaic Hindu fringe elements now. Have you not been a victim of being called names as that of a Presstitutes / Baazaaru by the opportunistic General turned politician and our beloved Prime Minister?? So why can’t you differentiate or what stops you from seeing good politics and dirty politics?

Yes, surely Arvind was doing Politics by calling a Kisan rally but why can’t you say that one must raise that voice for the uneducated farmers that AAP was fighting for a just cause and here you are trying to milk an answer from Ashish Khaitan whose reply was an eloquent silence, a great form of reply in your high decibel show I thought … he crapped your shouting on that nights debate ! For God’s sake Arnab once a while say I am sorry … you are such a megalomaniac you never wish to say sorry – which Kejriwal has time and again asked for forgiveness! What’s so wrong in asking for forgiveness .. to err is human after all, and to forgive is divine too which is too much for a certain Ajay Maken to think about, as he doesn’t wish to be divine at all !

arvind kejriwal aap rally rajasthan Only if, Arnab Goswami takes a Position in the Media, then Kejriwal Becomes a Natural Ally

But why take the audience for being such a fool, you think they don’t understand who is playing to the gallery / speaking the truth ! Haven’t you understood how the people gauged the megalomaniac Modi who ordered the whole cabinet to come out and give speeches against one man who went to become the CM of Delhi!


Let your journalism be taken a step forward to the next level. Give your ideas to AAP what they should do and what Kejriwal not do and take forward this great movement which vested interests are trying their best to pull it down !

In fact I have said it earlier too Arvind and his men have lead from the front; they are on the streets of Delhi / right in the heat of things not sitting in a plush studio like you ! Why do you deliberately pick insane insignificant topics of Kejriwal which Jet he travels, which special class he flies; why take such inane jibes at as noble a person as Kejriwal?

Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas in Varanasi Only if, Arnab Goswami takes a Position in the Media, then Kejriwal Becomes a Natural Ally

You know your country is more rotten than the state of Venice! Why can’t you ever praise him for not having the Racists attitude of “laal batti” culture on his car and that he is the only leader who vociferously refuses to take the official car in fact he is your Hero who practices genuinely what you preach Mr. Goswami one who doesn’t follow the racist VVIP cultures !

Come on Arnab can you have a special program on Arvind Kejriwal the idealist that he is / the courageous great that he is (he is not firing from inside his studios, which you all are) ! How much can a man in power, take insults lying down for heralding great changes!! You are exemplary in your line, but mind you not every day … in fact I see a megalomaniac in you too not a partial one as you called Arvind today … you cold be dubbed a complete megalomaniac as you are shouting down each and everyone … why no one is ever correct and you are the most perfect !

We all love you for your great sensibilities but what happens when a great AK comes and you let loose a gamut of inconsistent and extreme hard comments on him which he doesn’t deserve at all !

What is the point after all of all your fighting on the “ Newshour ” if you will keep on fighting and there will be no corrections in the corridors of Politics and Indian Parliament ! You know they all are thick skinned sinister rogues, who will forever wish to hide behind the legal systems which they have themselves very systematically corrupted too, and if one has to take legal recourse this country will be down for another half a century or more.

Why can’t you see the miracle of Arvind Kejriwal who has the balls to take on the astronomically super rich ones who wouldn’t care less for the poor and the downtrodden and beware the curse of the poor! You have listed so many negatives of both the big parties which needs attention, but have you succeeded in any? Say in the subject of getting back, black Swiss money? Tell me what are we doing about Land mafia’s?

Have we all forgotten the greatly evil Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah, the rotten, hypocrite devil incarnate, so legally, politically, ruthlessly, dirty conniving evil genius, muting truth to kill a dauntless, honest bureaucrat D. K. Ravi, then pay some lip service and then wait for everything to fall back in place! It’s just a matter of weeks after all we know about how weak Indian minds are which forget everything so very fast !

Whom are we fooling, that’s the question! Why can’t we ever think on for longer terms for the benefit of the Nation, wait first for the country to develop some honest character / wait for some really true development / let it stand on its feet / let it hold its head high not bow down in shame or are we shameless enough to acknowledge that we are a shameless rogues lot, we side the criminal 10 % and we don’t care if the country goes to the dogs and have no positive honest growth or not !

Go to any state of the country to see the dismal state of affairs – roads all dug up, buildings dilapidated, people emaciated pale, clothes all tattered, everything everywhere shabby. Yet, make no mistakes, we have, handsome number of millionaires; politicians, civil service persons, baabus etc., who have created enormous wealth, befitting or even putting to shame big time Maharajah’s of yesteryears, for whom doubtlessly, its great to keep farmers uneducated in order to exploit and cheat, or have non – educated workers at home, to do the menial’s job, get regular massages from them, in short get all fringe benefits – who cares for the country anyways !

Sorry to say we have had a completely mismanaged country and it still continues shamelessly and make believe governance which is totally mis – governance in reality ! While Media now needs to introspect or else it is hijacking / robbing the country of a possibility of a great turnaround with a great leader at the helm who has come through the coaching of the revenue services of the land backed with an IIT degree and a Magsaysay award.

Time is ripe to show the door to the Congress who are decimated in Delhi completely and that history will reverberate all over India and why not ? It’s a murderers party, it killed Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose / its MLA’s son Manu Sharma killed Jessica Laal / its old time crook HKL Bhagat was behind the successful elimination of a great street playwright, my friend and fellow class mate Safdar Hashmi.

Who could forget the sad Naina Sahni famous tandoori murder case. So many farmers dying for so many years, there is no voicing their woes only when a farmer accidentally dies in a AAP organized rally the 0 % strength party has the loudest voice in the TV shows and quite happily Arnab anchors it without a word against such rogues! The party has a dubious distinction of not celebrating any one beyond Nehru or the Gandhi’s not even a Shastriji or a really great Narsimha Rao a master linguist a great leader with such acumen and erudition !

And what could be worse a bunch of chamchaaz ’n sycophants whether Digvijay, Mani Shanker name any member the whole party is willing to do ‘ji – huzooree’ to a foreigner who has completely ruined the country in the past few years / decades right to the really sad Shiela Dixit and the great Suresh Kalmadi! In fact in hindsight the rot had set in since Nehru did his dirty politics right at the very beginning with the first big lie of Netaji being killed in an air – crash and then the illegal surveillance of the national hero’s family !

This party is best forgotten as, being vindictive will only be dirtying our hands and minds with the dirtiest of thoughts and dirty infected diseased blood!

Getting back to Public trial of media houses and the Newshour of 4th May ’15. What on earth makes you think Arnab, that Arvind’s career is fledgling? Just because Kejriwal has just walked away with 67 seats you guys have lost it completely! Having no work in Delhi assembly and Congress completely wiped out, decimated and as they can’t throw any more mikes and chairs at each other in the Vidhaan Sabha assembly, these guys are shouting and fighting in Arnab’s studios like nobody’s business – least of all Arnabs’!

Look at the pretty face of Nupur Sharma, it looks so horrid when she gets excited and shouting on top of her voice and others, seems she is really stung by the loss at elections. She is worse than an already hopeless Shazia Ilmi! Then that Congress stooge I have named him Tom Tom Tommy after my faithful animal that licked a lot! He claims to have been a journalist earlier … the shameless Congress man and the BJP spokesperson were clearly complimenting each other and taking turns in shouting down a young astute fresh face in Indian politics Raghav Chadda a breath of fresh air! Instead of doing a complete introspection and a deep study of their faces you’ll see the utter futility of their lives.

And it is here that may I ask who gives them the right to shout so much … BJP could be allowed a 3db voice in Arnab’s studio and Tom Tom Tommy should never exceed a simple 0db … he should shut up in all respects as the party he represents should not be allowed in debates on subjects of Delhi! They gagged so many things when they were in power so now they are facing a 0 decimation in Delhi Assembly why do you call them on the Newshour debate pertaining to Delhi clearly they are out casts unless Times Now is deliberately doing it to put AAP in a bad light.

Yes Arnab, the guillotine approach does not go anywhere similarly your insensitive approach too takes you nowhere! While Saba Naqwi is always fairly balanced, Hartosh Baal was no good; I much liked Vinod Mehta instead, he was quite a contrast to Arnab a definite gentleman! Concluding this long article on this very important issue, come let us be positive and at least make an attempt to really do some good to our poor Nation, after-all, all this shouting and fighting is only to say we love this nation so so much!

Come on try and understand Arnab Goswami– it has been a very long arduous journey from Bahadur Shah Zafar’s “Lagta nahin hai jee meraa ujday dayaar mein” (my heart doesn’t come to terms amongst these utter ruins) the ruins thrown on us by the Congress, I am sure you understand it deep down! I am also sure you do understand the fever of Arvind Kejriwal – referred to as in Ram Prasad Bismil’s “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab humaaray dil mein hai” (my heart now wears the fearlessness hitherto only seen in Martyrs!) …

Come let us help Arvind Kejriwal lest you not stop short of a real bloody revolution, which obviously simmers!

 By: Indraneel Mukherjee

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