Arnab Goswami’s ‘journalism’ has since long veered to ‘harassment’. Isn’t he becoming a ‘bad apple’ of journalism?

Arnab Goswami has made the ‘nation’ know more than it should know. But, the time now has come that the nation knows this man well. One who has never been reluctant to scandalize Indian BigWigs is actually himself a scandal now. Fundamental right of India- ‘Right To Freedom’ that possesses one a liberty to speak and express is more like a fundamental obsession for this man.

        Where Food-Hunger Kills Indians, TRP-Hunger Livens Up Arnab


Does This English-Wizard Need To Learn A Grammar Lesson Of ‘Degree Of Comparison?

How frivolous was of him to juxtapose Lalit Modi with Dawood Ibrahim! Journalism is not to blurt out pause-less English but factual English. What else other than agitation can he invite if he compares incomparables.

Arnab-Goswami Impairment

That cursedness Arnab’s voice has, jeez, soon ‘deaf’ would be replaced with ‘AG Impairment’. Yelling doesn’t prove him right but possesses others with deafening blight.
Arnab Goswami Arnab Goswami  This Man Is Himself A Scandal
Let His Favourite ‘Sack Him’ Be Modified as ‘Sack Me’

Sack Arnab Arnab Goswami  This Man Is Himself A Scandal
Oh Yes, Now, The Panel Of 1.2 Billion People Wants To Debate You, Arnab

Like Boss, Like Employee

Yes, Now Your Presence in 82 Countries Get Confirmed

Growing Up Seeing Sharukh Khan’s Movies Makes Him Biased Towards Rahul,Er, Rahul Gandhi, Er, Congress

If keenly observed, it’s perceived that Arnab has always hounded BJP and its members, keeping friendly terms with the opponent party. Don’t know what unleashed his love for Congress. Is it Shahrukh Khan’s impression drilled in his mind?

rahul Arnab Goswami  This Man Is Himself A Scandal
The Spiciest Masala Is Arnab Goswami

Soon to be out in the market is ‘Everest Arnab Masala’. Just hope that the nation doesn’t demand its ‘ban’ like Arnab’s. LOL!
buynow Arnab Goswami  This Man Is Himself A Scandal

By Prerna Daga

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