Arranged maariage is growing dim with upsurge in love marriage. Youths today prefer love marriages over arranged marriages.

What’s Love?  Perhaps, to one-word it, life. For, it’s a thread that keep each of us clung to some or the other thing. Be it your love towards pet, food, clothes, gadgets, family, friends or ‘BETTERHALF’. Ah! BETTERHALF in 21st century, though same in the pages of dictionary, but pretty much altered in connection with traditions and customs. Long-drawn-out arrange-marriage has now been wholly overshadowed by love-marriage. The generation today seems to have lost the belief towards once-appreciated arranged marriage. Family-found partner is now a rare case, since the self-found has surpassed it.  For them, love prior to seven vows is the more preferred and sophisticated choice. Arranged marriage mirrors boredom, squabbles, compromises and so on, this is what the today’s budding thoughts reflect upon.

The twenty-first century society once again needs to question themselves up that ‘can love be arranged’? What is much needed is the revival of the faded essence and faith that arrange marriage used to hold in. Those who clash with the existence of post-marriage love have got their brain washed with the fallacy of their presumptions. Umpteen examples of arrange marriages brimming with love can be cited to signify the appeal of arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is not a forced marriage. With No intent to trivialize love marriages, we just want the youth today to purify their perception. As started with, everything around is connected to us with the magic of love. Its presence is inevitable, be it happen to appear before marriage or afterwards. In fact, your parents or your elderly known relatives are perhaps the ideal epitomes to imply the generated love in their relationship. Arranged marriage might be gradual in the beginning but definitely develops into what love marriages boast of. So, the presence of love need not be debated but believed, be it love or arranged.

Well, be it Two States

2states Arranged Marriage, the fading custom



images 3 Arranged Marriage, the fading custom


Both arranged marriage and love marriage have there own charm. Love happens to exist in both the bonds. If love marriage succeeds, arranged too does. On the other hand, if arranged marriage fails, love too. So get rid off those pre-built notions against arranged marriages.

By Prerna

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