Mufti Haroon who has shown what a depraved and shameless individual he is

Arrest Mufti Haroon for obstruction of justice and communalizing the law and the enforcement.

Yes the kid was travelling without a number plate . Yes, this was an ingenious response to the stupid Odd Even Plan – frankly, he should be given an award for thinking outside the box. He looks a bit under-age to be a driver and probably should be in school where he can put his ingenuity to better use.

But this post is not about the kid – its about this joker Mufti Haroon ( aka Mufti Harun Nadvi ) who has shown what a depraved and shameless individual he is. Though I don’t understand how this guy can become a Mufti – he seems to be more of a gangster !!

I wish this fraudulent Mufti would put some effort into sending this kind into school or even a professional school instead of screaming at the top of his lungs and heckling the police. Any other country – he would have been handcuffed on the spot!

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