Here’s everything you wanted to know about Arshi Khan!

Arshi Khan has taken two countries by storm after revealing on twitter that she had sex with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. She even asked the Indian media “Do I need your permission to have sex with Shahid Afridi?

arshi khan and afridi Everything You Wanted to Know About Arshi Khan!

No wonder, the moment her tweet went viral most of the people were wondering –

Who is This Arshi Khan?

Well, Arshi Khan is an Indian model actress who is seen in Tamil movies. Malli Mishtu opposite Tamil Star Naresh was her debut Tamil film where she was seen as a lead actress. Recently, she got a Tollywood project and so currently she is busy shooting a Telugu movie (apart from making noise on Twitter of course!) While, nobody might have known or noticed her, let me tell you this chic was also seen in India’s first 4D historical action movie ‘The Last Emperor.’

arshi khan model Everything You Wanted to Know About Arshi Khan!

Here’s everything about her:

Early Life

Arshi was born in Afghanistan. However, when she was just 4 years old, her family migrated from Afghanistan to Bhopal in India. She completed both her schooling and college from Bhopal itself. However, from early days she was attracted to acting and theater. Soon, she started acting in theaters, and acting brought her to the city of dreams – Mumbai. In just 6 months, Arshi bagged many assignments. Next, she was introduced to the famous director and stage personality Janab Ehsaan Chishti who hails from the same place, Bhopal. It was with the help of him that she got her first project – a lead role in a Tamil film.

arshi khan model controversy Everything You Wanted to Know About Arshi Khan!

Her Mentor

According to her whatever she is, it is because of Ehsaanji. In an interview, she had once quoted that “Ehsaan ji thought that I have a attractive face and figure and if I try and work hard, I can possibly make it as an actor. He used to instigate me and it was at Ehsaan ji’s provocation that I started acting in various dramas in Bhopal city. I started getting offers for modelling and that’s how I got assignments.

arshi model Everything You Wanted to Know About Arshi Khan!

Her Achievements

Well, Arshi Khan has won many local beauty pageants and contests. Besides, she was also crowned Miss Maharashtra Global Tourism. Last year, Arshi Khan was crowned Miss Glory Earth 2014 in an event held in Delhi.

Model Arshi Khan is Miss Glory Earth 2014 1 Everything You Wanted to Know About Arshi Khan!

Arshi Khan and Shahid Afridi – An Affair She Always Denied

Recently Arshi Khan was in the news for her alleged affair with Shahid Afridi. Sources even revealed how Arshi Khan had even spent a secret holiday in Dubai with Shahid Afridi. What’s more, she would visit Dubai after every 2 to 3 months where Shahid too would join her.

arshi afridi Everything You Wanted to Know About Arshi Khan!

However, Arshi Khan always denied the news saying, “I have lots of friends and relatives in Dubai and travel to Dubai very often. A lot of Pakistani cricketers are seen visiting, shopping and partying in Dubai and regular visitors to Dubai meet them often. This does not mean I am dating Afridi.” until of course she made a sensational revelation on Twitter about her love affair.

Controversy With a Bhojpuri Producer

Recently, Arshi Khan was also in news for slapping a small time Bhojpuri film producer from Indore. According to Arshi Khan, the producer Harish Pratap Singh was trying to touch her from back. In fact, he touched her butt twice. This is when she slapped him in a party. This happened in MB Club Lucknow in March 2015.

arshi khan bhopal Everything You Wanted to Know About Arshi Khan!

Arshi Khan And Radhe Maa

After Dolly Bindra, it is Arshi Khan who have come out in the open to talk about Radhe Maa’s sexual activities. Well, the model has alleged that Radhe Maa runs a prostitution racket and one of her agent even approached Arshi for the same. She has registered a police complaint and like Dolly Bindra she too is now complaining about threat calls.

radhe maa arshi khan Everything You Wanted to Know About Arshi Khan!

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