Article 370 has bred corrupt and incompetent politicians in India – serving no one

Article 370 of the Constitution gives special status to J&K. As per this article J&K has a separate constitution, separate flag and most of central laws are not applicable in J&K. The ruler of J&K is called PM not CM, and Governor is called Sadr-E-Riyasat, not Governor. Due to this Article 370, the progress in J&K is not happening. There is no industry. Sure it is mountainous, but so is Uttrakhand and Himachal, and there are many industries growing in Uttrakhand and Himachal (Bajaj, TVS and many other big industries have invested in these states).Due to investment flowing in local people are getting jobs, but NOT in J&K, which survives mainly on tourism and aid money from Delhi. This aid comes from taxes you and I pay and used not in our domiciles but diverted to J&K. 

omar abdullah kashmir meem.jpg Article 370   Jammu & Kashmirs Bane

At the time of partition 1947, Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh, who was a Hindu Dogra wanted to remain independent and not join either India or Pakistan. But when partition happened in 1947, pakistan attacked Kashmir and took over the northern part of the state. Hari Singh asked Nehru for military help. Some troops were sent, commanded by major Sam Manekshaw. In 1971 he led India to victory in a war fought with Pakistan to liberate east Pakistan – present day Bangladesh.

In 1971 Field Marshal Manekshaw could have completly thrown the pakistanis out og Indian Kashmir without much problem, but Pandit Nehru the prime minster at the time seeked UN intervention to resolve territorial issues. In hind sight many have qestione dthis decesion because after you have own a legitinate war why not reclaim your territory and be done.The UN did what they always do: Pehle cease fire. Freeze positions. Then UN observers etc. etc. This is the situation even today.

When Pratap Singh Kairon was CM of Punjab during Nehru time, he told Nehru to merge J&K with Punjab. Kairon would settle all the retiring Sardars from the Army into J&K and there would be no Kashmir problem today. But Nehru did not agree, and therefore we are all suffering today. Kashmiris being denied the benefits of development, education and full integration with India and rouge state Pakistan using their beautiful valley to spread terrorism in our country.

What BJP wants to do is remove Article 370 and make Center–J&K relations like all other states. No special status. This is what is being opposed by the current J&K regime.

kashmir article 370.jpg Article 370   Jammu & Kashmirs Bane

The situation is something like Crimea/Ukraine and Lanka/Jaffna. The Crimea/Ukraine problem is ethnic. The Lanka/Jaffna problem is linguistic. The J&K problem is software. While majority of Indians (83%) follow open source Linux, J&K mostly follows closed source Windows.

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By Dilip Bam


Editorial Note: It would seem that article 370 has created a breed of corrupt and incompetent rulers in Jammu & Kashmir – whose only goals seem to be protecting their ‘Jagirs’ by fear-mongering / attempting to scare both the people of Jammu  & Kashmir  and the Government of India of unknown consequences – It is our opinion that it should be abrogated or drastically eroded (perhaps the smarter way)

image sources: OmarAbdullah

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