Article 370 should have been scrapped long ago during 1980-1989 when the Congress govt enjoyed nearly three fourth majority in both the houses of parliament

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has the audacity (or at least immaturity) to thank Pakistani terrorists for peaceful conduct of polls. An utterly courteousness  act in the presence of PM and other leaders of coalition, he did not even have the decency to thank the voters of the valley who defied the terrorists and exercised the franchise which proved favorable to PDP. Unfortunately the Central Government had no alternative than to tolerate this, at least for now and hope for better understanding and better welfare for the state.

mufti mohammad sayeed Paying the Price for Article 370

Why is This a Ridiculous Situation?

An Indian has a right to buy land/house in any part/state of India and move to that state form his original place of residence. Article 370 of the constitution giving special status to Kashmir (tanks Nehru era) does not allow an Indian to buy property or move to Kashmir valley. As a result there was one way migration after independence. The Hindus who were minority in Kashmir (due to Mughal rule and earlier invasions) had to leave the valley due to the denied opportunities and threats by fundamentalist Muslims there.

Lakhs  of Hindu Pandits move to other states where as nobody from other states could move to Kashmir. Even if there were at least 20% of Hindu population there (perhaps more before independence) BJP would have had a few MLAs from Kashmir region, if not a powerful mandate as in Jammu. With almost nil population of Hindus in the valley, the election results became polarised- BJP in Jammu region PDP (with out even a token representation for BJP) in Kashmir region. Not realizing that Pakistan in a failed state, leaders like Mufti still harbor on theocratic state of Kashmir (perhaps entire J&K) and continue to embarrass  the central govt.

Article 370 – the cause of this illness-should have been scrapped long ago- at least during 1980-1989 when the Congress govt under Indira and Rajiv enjoyed nearly three fourth majority in both the houses of parliament. Well, how could we expect the Nehru dynasty to do such a thing?

narendra modi mufti mohammad sayeed jammu kashmir flag Paying the Price for Article 370


Now we Indians Pay The Price 

By:  R.Kasthurirangan

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