While Arvind Kejriwal talks about Swaraj and removing middle-men – he has miserably failed to take the first steps in this direction – all talk, no action .

100 days vs the year’s 365 days and this is where we are, our PM Narendra Modi and CM Arvind Kejriwal in their speech blame “middlemen” for the country’s poor development. They insist the real crooks will be caught and put behind bars, where they belong!

While both stand for the poor Indian, ‘how’ does this entire blame game need to be explored or dealt with?

Everything continues with no clear steps to expose corrupt middlemen and their rising numbers. What are the changes made by Modi Sarkar & AK-67 to stop or to arrest them? It makes one wonder whether our leaders are now players of a favoured development with a new neutral yet unfair system.

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Who are these Middlemen?

Let us pause to take a look at a few tainted agents who pose as ‘middlemen’, the ones who are eating off the hard earned savings of The Common Man.

2G, 3G, Coalgate, CWG, Mosanto, Damad Scam, Purti…the list is endless. These are only names.

The contest now is all about who gets the credit when the crooks are exposed?

Both Modi ji and Arvind Kejriwal are trend setters and grand salesmen who have conveniently forgotten their past promises.

The recent HC judgement on Anti-Corruption Bureau goes in favour of AAP. It is still unclear as to whether AAP shall revive the 49 days FIR on Mukesh Ambani and Sheila Dixit?

For those who missed the 49 days FIR details may navigate to my old article in India Opines here

Both are hardworking leaders of the masses and have risen to power after breaking the age old control of the Congress.

PM Modi dons many hats. To impress voters, in his recent speech at Mathura – he called himself things like Pradhan Sevak ( PM),a Pradhan Santri-Guard,a Pradhan Trustee and so on.

Both PM Modi and CM-Arvind Kejriwal treat the Ministry’s tainted team players and Ministers as pawns in a play.

Arvind Kejriwal follows the same trajectory by cutting his own tree branches. Read about it here

Now both settle down with their Egos and turn to be traditional Dictators in a sort of `Me Alone Vikas Purush Mode`.

One blocks the powers of the Foreign Minister while the other dares to remove his own party’s Lokpal and many other top leaders. Choosing to remain with `Yes Men` Club with no stable constitution remains the norm of Arvind.

CM-Arvind is now too scared to follow its own book on Swaraj.

Swaraj for India1 300x204 Arvind Kejriwal Blames Everything On Middlemen

It was all supposed to be about Swaraj

Swaraj is a Birth Right but AK-67 failed to take the first step toward the movement.  It is on media records that PM Modi strongly promoted Swaraj for Indians during his pre-election speeches but post elections he too is settling for power rather than promises.

India is not silent anymore. What these leaders fail to understand is that whole Nation including Aam Aadmi is now forced to be a transitional mode wherein nothing is really happening.

People must demand the names of these middlemen instead of allowing them to dictate and rule us for five years without interruption – people now demand an expose of these so-called middle-men. This is the time for people to remain alert and control their Nagar Sevaks.

By: Rakesh Manchanda

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