Any charge the party AAP is charged with, Kejriwal creates a ruckus in the media, blaming Modi. AAP is indeed a distorted picture of what Kejriwal painted.

The lines are getting blurred. The common Indian who was  fighting issues like poverty,pollution and terror so far is suddenly faced with a new dilemma.

Having wiped out the oldest political party in the country under a torrent of anti-corruption  movement the vacuum was occupied by two new entities- the BJP at the centre and the AAP in Delhi, both promising clean and transparent governance.

But ironically both these parties suddenly find themselves engaged in a battle of ‘ teri kameez meri  kameez se safed kyon’ competition now, presenting the people the theatre of the absurd.

 The latest flare up in this was flashed by Arvind Kejriwal, the man who’ s slogan for every problem of the world was “we will send him to  jail “. The Facebook and Twitter savvy  junta of urban India was woken up by his  early morning Tweet that the Delhi Chief Minister’s office had been raided by the CBI.

He went on to link this raid directly with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a coward and psychopath. It turned out later that the raid was actually on his Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar against whom there were allegations of favouring some individuals since 2007, when the AAP was not even born.

kejriwal modi Theatre Of The Absurd

Kejriwal was not convinced by the Centre’s clarification that the CBI was an autonomous bodŷ and was under no obligation to inform the Chief Minister before raiding Kumar, even though he was his favourite babu.

 Only a few days ago Congress Vice- President Rahul Gandhi had cried foul when he and Congress President Sonia Gandhi were issued summons in a case related to National Herald by a court.He had called it political vendetta by the PMO. Kejriwal went a step further and attacked Modi directly, calling him names.

But his reaction has left people confused. It was the famous pick up line of the AAP-if someone asks you for a bribe click his picture and we will send him to jail. Now that the CBI has found evidence of corruption against his man Friday Rajendra Kumar and several other officials whose offices and residences were also raided, why is Kejriwal protesting.

AAP1 Theatre Of The Absurd

His followers went on to boast that he was the only Chief Minister to have removed his cabinet colleague when charges of corruption against him were brought to his notice. Was he protesting that he had lost a chance to kick him out or rather throw him in jail. Or was he protecting the man who was his personal choice for this crucial post.

Those who voted  for Kejriwal are surprised that a man with such dubious background could be placed in such a sensitive position by a party that took pride in naming corruption tainted ministers of UPA II from the Ramlila Ground. He does create a chink in his armoury  in the first year of the Delhi Government.

And if it is the only protocol that he is crying foul about, since when when did Kejriwal start believing in protocol, we would like to ask?

By Amitabh Srivastava

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