Hypocrisy and drama run in Kejriwal’s veins.

Arvind Kejriwal has hefty cash-load to splurge on unnecessary ads and become a media-stopper. In recent past, his all the costly ads reflected the same old appeal to Modi of handing over Delhi police to AAP. But, before such futile appeals, would he cringe to have not done that, which is actually under his control? I would like to have a justification from Kejriwal on the impending compensation-cheque of five lakh rupee, which was promised to 19-year- old stabbed Meenakshi’s family.

arvind kejriwal2 To Advertise Is Kejriwals Favourite Timepass

Mr.Kejriwal was damn swift and shrewd to use Meenakshi in his recent ad of appeal-to-modi, but, didn’t bother to speed up the give-out of two-weeks-impending cheque to the victim Meenakshi’s family.

Meenakshi’s mother Usha announced to reporters: “We have not  yet received the cheque which Arvind Kejriwal promised during the after-murder visit to the victim’s home. “

No one from the government had come to visit them either, her father Rajkumar told NDTV.

Last time Kejriwal visited Meenakshi’s family was on 19th July and thereafter, the not-so-concerned Kejriwal was nowhere seen meefting them.

So easily and rapidly could our very-active Kejriwal mark out Meenakshi for creating an ad to implore Modi for handing over Delhi police to kejriwal. But least did he labor to process the fast delivery of cheque to her family.

Hypocrisy and drama run in his veins.

By Prerna Daga

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