Speech from Day 3 of the Jhadu Chalao Yatra led by Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party

Day 3 – The mood was very upbeat – It was a “badlav ki yatra“. Another thing that was apparent was the make up of the rally – residents of the colonies who had taken time off to attend, shake hands, and be with Arvind Kejriwal. There was no free alcohol or money that is routinely promised by other parties – there was only the expectation of change which bought them to the streets.

The rally was held at a time when the congress and BJP were busy blasting Aam Aadmi’s finances, but it was very clear – that there were no procession of Land Rovers or Mercedes Benz cars. Arvind Kejriwal was in an open jeep throughout , stopping often to have conversation with the people.

It was also very evident (in some of the by-lanes of Burari in North Delhi) that administration has never done anything for these places – probably Arvind Kejriwal’s procession was possibly the first in a long time in those narrow lanes. Not surprisingly people had AAP’s jhadu in their hands – “hum to jhadu ka button dabayenge

The election symbol seems to have resonated well – ‘is bar chalegi jhadu‘, ‘brashtachar pe jhadu chalegi‘,’brashtachar ka ek hi kaal – Arvind Kejriwal‘ was on everyone’s lips – leading to a crescendo often. The elections in Delhi are on december 4th, but it felt the change was already happening.

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