Check out the parallels between Arvind Kejriwal and Mahatma Gandhi

Don’t get surprised at the heading! It is correct. If one remembers the 1939 presidential election in which Bose defeated Gandhiji’s candidate and the aftermath, one can easily correlate situations.

Arvind Kejriwal and Mahatma Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal – Another Mahatma Gandhi in Making

Bose has won against Sitaramaiah, because Gandhiji and his supporters (there was no Goswami to call them cronies at that time) including Sardar Patel opposed Bose to contest the election. Patel wanted Bose to let the practice of having the president elected unanimously continue. However, Bose, being Bose thought otherwise. When the original nominee of CWC withdrew his candidature, Mahatma’s team has propped up Sitaramaiah.

Consider the points of argument. Bose wanted CWC to represent various sections of people, unlike the homogenous character of existing one. And he wanted the president not to be nominated by influential leaders of CWC (now they may be called cotery). Patel wanted to maintain goody-goody moods in CWC.

Anyway, there was an election and Bose won. Mahatma treated it as his personal defeat and his supporters ensured moved resolutions and subsequently in Tripura meeting, which was not attended by Mahatma Gandhi, Bose resigned.

See the parallels. Forgetting the extravagant slogans, now it appears Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have the audacity to enforce democratic way of functioning in AAP. They were promptly removed from PAC (equivalent of CWC) through a resolution. And Arvind was nowhere near to be seen. It was Manish Sisodia acted on behalf of AK.

There Ends the Parallel Or Not?

No human was and is perfect. Despite one may agree with him or not, Gandhi has maintained his Aam Admi lifestyle, even at the expense of his industrialist friends. He was even consulted by Bose before resignation. In fact, it was Bose who first called Mahatma – father of nation.

gandhi and subhash chandra bose Arvind Kejriwal – Another Mahatma Gandhi in Making

Result of Bose resignation changed congress forever. Internal democracy was, since then not even heard of. Any leader being sidelined shouts about democracy and gets kicked out. In case of Bose, it was the President of Congress that wanted democratic functioning. Yes, that’s why he was Netaji.

Principle of democracy is that all are entitled to have various opinions but once there is a majority vote and a decision taken, even those oppose has to accept it. If all those oppose a particular decision resign or gets dismissed, party would become what Congress has become today. Now, even after five years of continuous struggle, Rahul Gandhi could not resurrect the spirit of democracy internally, for the lure of power is so great!

Moreover, almost like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal had become CM without any portfolio. It means actual governance would be administered by Sisodia, clearly who was not the choice of Delhi people. If Arvind wants to restrict AAP to Delhi, he should openly say so. He may enjoy his bungalow, VIP treatment and what not? However, his army of protestors was drawn from all states and all sections. They have pan India needs that needs to be addressed.

Mahatma, despite being father of nation, was a failure as father. His eldest son Harilal, whom Gandhi accused of raping his own daughter, when she was all of eight years. Such is the travesty of destiny. Hope AK would learn from history and correct himself before it is too late……

By: Rama Krishna Prasad K.M.

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