Arvind Kejriwal’s fond to be in limelight is the trait he can never get rid of. His new TV commercial is another citing of his self-obsession.

Self-display has always been the much-loved pastime of Delhi’s AAM Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He since his inception in politics has strove hard to be in limelight and continues till date. Mentioned can be whopping number of attention-seeking activities of Kejriwal, be it his indefinite hungerstrike or the phony protesting prostrate on the road. And once again is the man of hypocrisy in full glare of publicity, for a TV commercial sang the praises of Kejriwal’s nobility.

arvind kejriwal Narcissism laden  Arvind Kejriwal’s TV Commercial
TV commercial delineated the vista of a Bengali married couple. So, the first scene that falls on the retina of our eyes is of a finger-press on the switch followed by darkness. Aforesaid scene, while reading, may get on your nerves as it sounds quite futile but it’s of great significance in context to the message ad delivers. Red-bordered ‘taant’ sari wrapped around the average-looking lady, a round red ‘bindi’ adorned her forhead and the constant household concern lingered on her face. Formerly sketched lady with a small money pouch clasped under her fingers walks out to not haggle with ‘sabjivala’ and return with a bag-full of. A Streak of happiness gushes out from the face of inflation-struck lady as soon she has her hands on ‘electricity bill’ billed only 1K. Immediately reaches this happiness into the TV-captivated ears and eyes of her husband.
Abovementioned scenes run in motion with constant thanks and praises escaping the lips of the bong woman. Well, the sexism and narcissism of Arvind Kejriwal gleamed abundantly throughout this video.

What still numbs my brain is the message this ad tried to communicate. For those who are nutty for their party AAP, or better say Arvind Kejriwal (for, AAP is all about him), let me tell you that this commercial nowhere sketched the enhanced Delhi but boasted only and only Kejriwal. In my opinion, such commercials are shits that result into when the physiological shits remain un-excreted out. Like Bhaskar Da, alias, Amitabh Bachchan under constipation pesters his Daughter Piku, alias, Deepika, the director of this commercial too had to distress us with such nonsense ad.

Arvind Kejriwal, it’s time to wear off your efforts to be in limelight and nag the public.

By Prerna Daga

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