Arvind Kejriwal disagrees with the LG on an IAS woman’s appointment Is Kejriwal scared of women in power? Kejriwal wants only his yes-men in power.

Majority fully support all Delhi activists in their appeal that misuse of Constitution in Delhi by LG and BJP must stop and the elected government of AAP must have a right to run Delhi effectively. The Corporate-Babu profit and nexus in favour of few must stop. Why the same activists feel scared and weak when AAP misused its own constitution to expel its own Lokpal and expelled others without showing any fair opportunity for transparent Public hearing ?

a Arvind Kejriwal   Sir Why Are You Scared Of Democracy ?

Arvind ji you correctly cry foul when LG-Modi Sarkar Nexus forces the Delhi Secretaries of their choice but why do you practice Double standards in Inner Party Demcracy.

b Arvind Kejriwal   Sir Why Are You Scared Of Democracy ?


Traditional misuse of Constitution as pointed by AK-67 by more powerful and self centered leaders is a global Governance  tradition and only awareness and peoples SWARAJ can balance the unequal treatment.

c Arvind Kejriwal   Sir Why Are You Scared Of Democracy ?



d Arvind Kejriwal   Sir Why Are You Scared Of Democracy ?

The first step here should be consultancy with members, volunteers and activists which has totally been ignored by Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi where he works as the Supreme Leader with no inner party democracy.

By Rakesh Manchanda

To understand how Arvind Kejriwal is misusing Volunteers Power and using Double Standards check my article with title and link in India Opines as under:

Arvind Kejriwal Has Chosen To Work Only With Yes Men


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