Somnath Bharti’s crookedness is known since long time but Kejriwal perhaps didn’t want to stand up against his party member. But how long could he be mum!

AAP is Kejriwal’s and Kejriwal is AAP’s. Both are intertwined to each other and thereby, Kejriwal is liable to speak up for or against anything connected with his party. AAP MLA Somnath Bharti, since last June, has consistently been in the focus of media’s lens. It all started with his spouse Lipika Mitra’s 26-page long complaint regarding forceful abortion, domestic violence, murder threat and so on against him. Their doomed married life crossed  the boundary of confidentiality a married life should preserve.

lipika somnath Arvind Kejriwal, Does It Take This Long To Break Your Silence?

Somnath, not only is covered with the muck Lipika peeled off recently, but has been tarnished many a times with several charges against him. His midnight raid on African women and bullying them to give out their urine sample publicly to verify about the sex ring the women, as informed, were running, which turned out false too after the result urine reports; his racism-soaked statement against africans was hurled this way,”Black should leave the country”; his awful abuses on senior lawyer Harish Salve and BJP leader Arun Jaitley and what not is this AAP-beast accused of.

The despicable talkie of Somnath has been running since more than a year and our pro-active & anti-corruption honcho Arvind Kejriwal, don’t know, whether was in hibernation or ignorant of what his party member was brewing up. Where were you so long, the corruption cleaner?  Does it take so long to weave this statement,” “Somnath should surrender. Why is he running away? Why is he so scared of going to jail? Now he is becoming embarrassment for party n his family,”?

kejriwal and bharti Arvind Kejriwal, Does It Take This Long To Break Your Silence?

Dear Kejriwal, when you keep up the audacity to tag yourself an honest politician, you should be swift and blatant enough to thumbs down for your party members and not act pretentiously blind. For favoring corruption and violence is also categorized under the vice of dishonesty.

Arvind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal, Does It Take This Long To Break Your Silence?


By Prerna Daga

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