Arvind Kejriwal has led the Aam Aadmi Party from its formation to its complete sweep of Delhi. Here are some portions of his journey as published in IndiaOpines

Arvind Kejriwal has led the Aam Aadmi Party from its formation to its complete sweep of Delhi. 

arvind kejriwal sweeps Arvind Kejriwal Sweeps Delhi

Here Are Some Portions of his Journey as Published in IndiaOpines

Exclusive Interview With Arvind Kejriwal

We will form Delhi’s next government.

मत कत्ल करो आवाज़ों को

Voice of Aam Aadmi party initiated by none other than Arvind Kejriwal is here to stay. Read to know how AAP’s initiative helped BJP to win the 2014 election

MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

Mufflerman, the corruption hunter does what no other politician can! The man with his broom can whiff the corrupts and send a fear down their spine ~ Coming soon in Delhi!

Arvind Kejriwal – The Media Is Part of The Game To Polarize Hindus & Muslims

TV Channels are maliciously targetting the Aam Aadmi Party and promoting the BJP

Aam Aadmi Party : Delhi And Beyond

Fortune favours the brave they say. But those who put in efforts, write their own fortune. Its Aam Aadmi Party’s turn this time around.

Aam Aadmi Party : An Alternative not a Substitute!
Know Why people should Vote for AAP

Swaraj By Arvind Kejriwal – PDF
Download and view the must read book “Swaraj” authored by Arvind Kejriwal

Indians Are With Arvind Kejriwal- Reader’s Voice

Arvind Kejriwal is an honest leader. The masses are supporting him like they supported Jaiprakash.

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