Thanks to the minority votes, Arvind Kejriwal wins the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015!

Arvind Kejriwal Returns to Lead Delhi

arvind kejriwal  Kejriwal Wins Delhi Thanks To Minority Votes

  1. In the last Assembly election , the minority votes were still with the Congress. But, now they have shifted en-masse to the AAP. Apparently Imam Bukhari‘s plea worked.Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari delhi election  Kejriwal Wins Delhi Thanks To Minority Votes
  2. According to The Exit Polls, the minority votes are inclined clearly towards Arvind Kejriwal.
  3.  According to this Times of India report, “if there was one thing that Delhi’s Muslims were sure of, it was that they would not vote for the BJP“. It’s not just the BJP that has failed to impress Muslims, but also the traditional Congress party, which has seen Muslims as their strongest supporters.muslim votes kejriwal delhi  Kejriwal Wins Delhi Thanks To Minority Votes
  4. The report notes that AAP has emerged the favourite amongst Muslim youth and even elders. The report quotes one Inayur Khan of Churiwalan as saying, “I am a traditional Congress supporter but I can’t vote for it any longer…
  5. According to the report older Muslims might have a Congress-affinity but there is a growing belief that they were used as a ‘vote bank’ by the party. Therefore, several Muslim voters at polling stations in Seelampur, where over 70% polling was recorded, didn’t think twice before declaring their preference.Delhi elections Muslims vote for AAP  Kejriwal Wins Delhi Thanks To Minority Votes
  6. An aggregate of 7 exit polls shows Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) accumulating 42 seats, which means AAP will comfortably form the government (polls: Nielsen, C-Voter, Cicero, News Nation, Axis APM, Today’s Chanakya, Data Mineria).
  7. Mr Kejriwal in a tweet, thanked the people of Delhi and said it had ‘rejected the politics of religion and caste.’
  8. The young voters were Modi’s biggest supporters during the Lok Sabha elections.So, in the opinion polls conducted by the Delhi election till January 2015, BJP was ahead of AAP among the 18-25-year-old voters. However, in the latest opinion poll, a massive 51 per cent of the young voters said that they would vote for the AAP
  9. If AAP wins, it will be the first major blow for PM Modi ever since he won the Lok Sabha election with a massive mandate.narendra modi  Kejriwal Wins Delhi Thanks To Minority Votes
  10. If the exit polls prove to be correct, the victory will be particularly sweet for Mr Kejriwal, who was trounced by the PM when they both contested the constituency of Varanasi in May’s general election.kejriwal vs modi  Kejriwal Wins Delhi Thanks To Minority Votes
  11. Meanwhile, here’s what Mohammed Jamal in Karawal Nagar had to say, “It is time for change and only Kejriwal can bring it. I hope he wins with a majority.” Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi PTI1  Kejriwal Wins Delhi Thanks To Minority Votes

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