Enough of Kejriwal’s politics masked behind his flattering words. It’s time for the citizens to realize that we are just being conned by him.

Before questioning others on morality and propriety, will Kejriwal explain who gave four cheques of 50 lakhs each amounting to 2 crores from bogus company, bogus directors and bogus company addresses? When he knew well, these donations to his party are coming from Bogus company, bogus directors from bogus addresses, why did he accept those cheques and pocketed the amount by saying, if companies are frauds how are we responsible?

kejriwal Arvind Kejriwals Dishonesty

Did he do any investigation on moral ground who donated two crores to AAP and Why? But because he is making money in a corrupt ways, and also he is likely to be involved in Hawala Transfers, this donation must be transfer of funds from Black money to white which Arvind Kejriwal who was working in Income Tax dept should have known. But he chose to keep quiet? 

What about Somnath Bharati’s Domestic violence case his wife registered with DCW ? Now Kejriwal´s close relative Swati Maliwal has become DCW Commissioner who is an appointee of Kejriwal himeslf, has so far not taken up the Somnath Bharati case which DCW is supposed to take a serious cognizance of domestic violence against Women.

Kejriwal keeps talking of safety and security to women of Delhi and he was himself protecting his own MLA when Somnath Bharati was absconding after police issued a warrant against him? Did Kejriwal remove him from the party for his alleged criminal charges leveled by Somnath Bharati´s wife? Instead of supporting a woman, CM Kejriwal was shamelessly supporting his MLA? 

Somnath Bharti arrested  Arvind Kejriwals Dishonesty

When another MLA was caught with bogus Degree certificate. After putting up a stout defence for his former Law minister Jitender Singh Tomar in the fake degree case for months, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sought to absolve himself of blame by claiming that he was kept in the dark and shown the wrong documents. Does it wash? Kejriwal cannot escape the fact that it was a serious error of judgment. But the explanation that he was kept in the dark does not sound convincing.

The man, identified as Gajendra Singh, climbed the tree as top AAP leaders were present at Jantar Mantar, a stone’s throw from Parliament, and hanged himself with a gamcha ? Kejriwal and all his team members from Sisodia, Kumar Vishwasto Sanjay Singh are seen watching the man threatening to hang himself, but kejriwal could not think of rushing to him to save his life? It was later reported in the media that the farmer was not from poor background but well off and working for AAP and Manish Sisodia had called him previous day and invited him to attend the rally? But as usual Kejriwal made a political publicity by saying poor farmer hanged in front of us and Modi government should feel ashamed about farmers committing suicides in this country.

On one of the TV channels, one day AAP member Ashutosh cried loudly sitting in the TV studio with his melodrama to impress upon the people that how sensitive AAP is?? If AAP members were so sensitive towards life of a man, why were they sitting on the stage and watching him in amusement instead of saving his life?

Arvind Kejriwal Lalu Yadav Nitish Oath ceremony Arvind Kejriwals Dishonesty

Kejriwal keeps talking of his fight against corruption but joins hands with Laloo Prasad, a corrupt convicted politician? He told in a public rally he has 300 pages evidence against former CM Shiela Dixiet of her involvement in corruption scam in CWG ? Did he take any action after coming to power in Delhi ?

arun jaitley chidambaram budget 2014 Arvind Kejriwals Dishonesty

And today he is seen making a big noise on DDCA corruption against FM Arun Jaitley ? Why is he shielding his own Principle Secretary Rajendra Kumar when CBI has accused him of corruption in his many deals? And why did Kejriwal appointed Rajendra Kumar as his Principle Secretary when International Transperancey Agency had written to Kejriwal about his tainted background and asked to first check his past before his appointment?

And when CBI raided his Principle Secretary´s office, Kejriwal made a big issue against Modi, LG, BJP to save his skin. Why was all that drama created to save one man ? 

There are many instances when Kejriwal has shown his political dishonesty and his political fraudulant character. Today he is demanding resignations of PM, FM, LG , Delhi Commissioner, Sushma Swaraj, CM of Madhya Pradesh, of Rajasthan on moral grounds ? But is he himself a clean character ? He has no moral character nor he is politically honest.

So if some people are trying to misguide citizens, they may do it their own cost but should not try to insult the intelligence of others. This is no politics for us. It is plain, simple factual reality.

By Ajay Angre

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