The party with frequent infighting is AAP. Arvind Kejriwal has again turned out to be an autocrat,dissolving Mayank-Gandhi-headed party unit in Maharashtra.

Arvind Kejriwal’s entry in politics was more like a wave of hope touching the corruption-covered shore. Unlike the usual crooked politics, his politics wasn’t imbued with that very scent of politics we have grown up seeing. Transparency was embraced by him, for the first time, in the covert world of politics. He somehow appeared as a genie to India, who was drowning in the incessant corruption of Congress.

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The spinal of AAP was transparency and hence it racked up whopping support, winning Delhi election with flying colours. But very soon after the victory, the party began to collapse, losing its gems. The party that never ran on a one-man-command ideology began to deviate. Furthermore, lucidity that happened to be the party’s founding brick started developing minute cracks and instigated whistle-blow from Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav. But Arvind defied their objections, becoming the victim of foul politics that no more singled out AAP from others.

bhushan kejriwal yadav Arvind Kejriwal The Villain For His Own Party Members


Refusing to budge in with their principles and etiquettes, Bhushan and Yadav rebelled against the going-astray AAP. But by then, the man (Arvind) who was a flame of change in politics himself was changed (screwed). Pride and power ran head over heels within him and he kicked these gem-like leaders duo out from the AAP. Two other junior members too were removed from the party. This decision garnered a string of controversies and if-buts but eventually was forgotten.

kejriwal gandhi Arvind Kejriwal The Villain For His Own Party Members

Not even the months passed since the duo, Bhushan-Yadav, got their red card, Arvind Kejriwal had dissolved the party’s unit in Maharashtra headed by Mayank Gandhi. Mayank Gandhi was seen calling this occurrence as a victory of politics. “Let the high command expel me from the party, but the truth is that the high command himself is hellbent to finish the party’s root in Maharashtra,” he said.


Arvind’s actions now exhibit the governance of tyranny, isn’t it? Is it his ego inflating within him? Does he want himself to be the only face of AAP? Is AAP on its verge of its breakdown?  

By Prerna Daga

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