Is being honest in India a crime? Then why honest IAS officer Ashok Khemka is being transferred time and again by the corrupt politicians?

Ashok Khemka is a crusader against corruption and so a natural nemesis of the corrupt Politicians. No wonder, due to his honest work, he never had the privilege to settle down in any particular department for long.  And this time the whistle blower IAS officer has been transferred in just 3 months and for the 46th time!

Ashok Khemka IAS Officer Haryana Ashok Khemka Transferred Again   Is There No Room For The Honest?

While, the corrupts are having a huge sigh of relief in the Transport department, here’s what the aam junta has to say about Mr. Khemka being transferred for the 46th time –

On BJP’s strange role reversal

And this tweet is what sums up all –

Ashoka Khemka is highly disappointed with his change though-

Then again there was news that he himself wanted the transfer, but he cleared the air that it is not correct…

What do you think – Is There No Room For The Honest?


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