Shagun and Mani are acting – Will Ashok and Nidhi Realize their drama?

Nidhi and Ashok have kidnapped Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. The Bhalla family is aware that only these two can stoop so low against them. They know that Nidhi has kidnapped Ishita. So, the family once again plans something to get some clue.

Mani and Raman’s Drama in Conference Room

Raman, Mihir, Mani and Romi together plan to seek information from Ashok by a drama where they simply act in front of Ashoka. Mani and Raman purposely fight with each other. Their aim is fulfilled when Ashok is convinced that Mani is against Raman.

yeh hai mohabbatein Will Ashok and Nidhi Realize Shagun and Mani’s Drama?

Also, Romi acts as if he is with Ashok. The acting works in the favour of Raman Bhalla as Ashok is convinced that Mani is ready to do anything against Raman and he too is in his gang against Raman. Ashok didn’t have the slightest idea that everything is planned and all the three is doing is simply acting so that they know what is running in his head and he can help them reach Ishita.

Shagun Too Visits Nidhi

On the other hand Shagun reaches Nidhi’s house. She vents out her anger on the Bhallas, Raman and Ishita. Fully irritated, she shares her frustration with Nidhi – expressing how the Bhallas simply ruined her life to the core. She acts as if she has finally realized her mistake and behaves in a way that she very well understands whatever Nidhi and Ashok told her was absolutely correct against the Bhallas.

shagun evil plan yeh hai mohabbatein Will Ashok and Nidhi Realize Shagun and Mani’s Drama?

Shagun also asks Nidhi to join hands with her. Nidhi initially is in dilemma whether to trust Shagun or not but Shagun convinces her. They both shake hands to work in harmony against Ishita and the Bhalla parivar.

Everything is Dependent On Mani and Shagun

So, both Nidhi and Ashok in a way have fallen into the trap of the planning. Mani and Shagun will surely ensure that they get information from Ashok and Nidhi respectively. They are the last hope of the Bhallas as only they can now seek information about Ishita and her whereabouts.

ANITA HASSANANDANI Shagun Will Ashok and Nidhi Realize Shagun and Mani’s Drama?

We hope both of them work in accordance so that they get clue as Ashoka and Nidhi are not so easy nut crack. But, Shagun and Mani are good actors and the way they have acted in the last episode we are sure they will get some or the other information.

Will Ashok and Nidhi Realize Mani and Shagun’s Drama?

Though they might have doubts they will surely not think that it is some kind of drama. After all, Mani likes Ishita and Shagun likes Raman. They will surely think that they are the people lost in love who now wants revenge from Raman and Ishita.

ashok shagun yhm Will Ashok and Nidhi Realize Shagun and Mani’s Drama?

Hope the entire plan works out and Mani – Shagun get successful. We just hope Shagun too behaves as she has a record of betraying in the process.

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