Sushim vs AShoka – Who will win the wrestling match?

Wrestling is in the air on TV these days. It is not only Salman wrestling in the trailer Sultan, Aamir Khan is wrestling for his film Dangal and even Rajkumar Sushim seems to be wrestling in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial. Yes, he has organized a wrestling competition so that Ashoka comes to him face to face.

Sushim Has Already Injured Many

Over the years after a lot of tantra mantra and tantric Shakti, Rajkumar Susheem has acquired a lot of strength. His so venomous that if a snake bites him, the snake dies and he is so strong that if he bangs the walls, the walls develop a crack. This is the reason why he can beat almost anybody with his acquired strength. No wonder in the wrestling match, he has injured many which turned out to be fatal for many.

Ankit Arora Sushim Will Ashoka Beat Sushim in the Wrestling Match?

Coincidently, when of the dead man Bhupal is Ashoka’s accomplice. While, everybody seems to be hurt and sad, Ashoka wants to seek revenge from Susheem for killing Bhupal. Both, Sushim and Ashoka know that this wrestling match is nothing but to bring Ashoka in front of everybody.

Ashoka Will Come Face to Face With Sushim and Even Fight with Him

While, Dharma always restricted Ashoka and never allowed him to fight or go in front of Sushim, she will readily allow Ashoka this time. The reason being, Bhupal’s brother Hari is ready to seek revenge from Rajkumar and everybody knows if he goes he too will die at the hands of the devil son of Samrat.

mohit in ashoka serial Will Ashoka Beat Sushim in the Wrestling Match?

Dharma will never want more people to die when the problem can be averted. This is the reason why she’ll allow Ashoka to fight with Rajkumar Sushim in the wrestling match. A moment which not just Sushim but even Acharya Radhagupt and Nayak have been waiting for long. After all, they want their Ashoka back in Magadh to set things right. They want him to bring everything to normalcy in their state.

Now the question is –

Will AShoka Beat Susheem in the Wrestling Match?

No matter what the situations were, Rajkumar Ashoka was always more powerful and strong as compared to Susheem because the former has more intelligence, wit than the latter. Besides, he is a good human being unlike the devil Sushim. Here too though Sushim has a lot of strength and powr through his tantra vidya, we are sure, it wouldn’t withstand in the presence of Ashoka,yes the mighty Ashoka, who could handle even the wild beast with his bare hand.

mohit raina as ashoka Will Ashoka Beat Sushim in the Wrestling Match?

Going by the track, we simply hope Ashoka comes face to face with Sushim and Samrat. Let even Samrat know how evil and wicked his first son really is. It is time to unveil in Chakravrtin Ashoka Samrat serial – Let’s see what all things

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