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Samrat Ashoka and Samrat Chandragupt Maurya of the Mauryan Empire are often compared for their similarities. Both created history in their own way. While Chandragupt Maurya established a whole new dynasty and became the  founder of the Mauryan Empire, Ashok his grandson took the Mauryan Empire to another level by showing the same strength and valor.  This is the reason why they are compared so  much. No wonder, there are several common things between the two.

Here we share almost all the similarities between the two Samrats of the Mauryan Era that ruled India in the 3rd century BC.

mohit in ashoka serial 5 Similarities between Ashoka and Chandragupt Maurya

Both Had to Struggle For the Throne

It was not easy for Chandragupt Maurya to get to the throne. He had to fight the then king, Dhana Nanda, get public’s support as well as the help of the local rulers to emerge as the Ultimate king.Similar thing happened with Ashoka, he too had to struggle to get to the throne despite being a Rajkumar. That is another story that he was only a Rajkumar and not a crown prince i.e YUVRAJ.

ashoka serial 5 Similarities between Ashoka and Chandragupt Maurya

Their Mothers Came From Humble Background

It is believed that Chandragupt was a Kshatriya and had a humble background. His mother Moora had an ordinary background with no royal lineage. On the other hand, though Ashoka’s father was Samrat Bindusar, the only son of Chandragupt Maurya, his mother Rani Dharma was an ordinary girl – daughter of a Brahim from the city of Champa. Interestingly, they both fought for the rights of their mother.

devi dharma ashoka serial 5 Similarities between Ashoka and Chandragupt Maurya

Both Ashoka and Chandragupt Had Mentors that Changed Their Future

We are well versed that it was Acharya Chanakya who shaped up Chandragupt’s life so that they both could change India’s history. Ashok too had a mentor named Acharya Radhagupt. It was only because of Acharya Radhagupt that Ashok could become the next Samrat. It is widely believed that Radhagupt was Chanakya’s grandson though there isn’t any proof to support the same.

Manoj Joshi as Chanakya Kautaliya Arthashastra 5 Similarities between Ashoka and Chandragupt Maurya

They Were Strong, Courageous, and Brave

Both are known for their bravery and skill. While, Chandragupt Maurya was the king to bring many states under a single rule, Ashoka was the one who made his dream of ‘United India’ true. It was Ashoka who expanded the Mauryan Empire vastly during his reign.

Chandragupta Maurya 5 Similarities between Ashoka and Chandragupt Maurya

During the Later Stages, They Both Turned into Ascetics

In his later stages, Chandragupt Maurya became a follower of Jainism. He renounced his throne and started living as an ascetic. Similar is the story of Ashoka who turned into Buddhism after the Kalinga war. In fcat, he went a step ahead by spreading Buddhism al over South as well as Central Asia. Not only that, he event sent his son Mahendra and daughter Sanghamitra to Sri Lanka to spread Buddhism.

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