Rajmata Helena will be exposed?

In a shocking incident, in order to save Ashoka, Dharma and Bindusar, Nayak sacrificed his life. Nayak knew that Sushim is behind all this. However, since he couldn’t control the blast, he immediately took the explosives on him and died with it, saving the life of not just Ashoka but also Samrat Bindusar.

Nayak’s death has left Ashoka in shock. He is absolutely in stress. After all, Nayak was not just a savior but also a guiding angel who constantly ensured his safety and security even in the worst times. It was because of Nayak that Ashoka could win Takshashila. Nayak’s death was the last thing he could take.

Now Ashoka is all set to know who had planned the explosives in the palace that took the life of Nayak.

new ashoka serial Will Ashoka expose Rajmata Helena?

Ashoka Knows It is Gondna aka Rajmata Helena Behind the Attack

Ashoka is sure that it is the work of Gondna aka Rajmata Helena who had planned the explosives. He is sure that she must have planned to kill him or the members of the family. He is also sure that Sushim and Siamak too must have been involved in it. Besides, the fact that Sushim’s soldiers knew everything but they slit their throat in front of Nayak and Acharya Radhagupt further strengthens his point of view that it was indeed Rajmata Helena behind everything.

Suzanne Bernert as Queen Helena in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2 Will Ashoka expose Rajmata Helena?

Ashoka Will Try to Trap Rajmata Helena

With all the ghost stories of Rajmata Helena in the palace running around, Ashoka is sure that Rajmata Helena is not dead but alive and is in the palace itself. Now that he has to prove two things 1. That Rajmata Helena is alive and 2. That it is indeed Rajmata Helena who is Gondana, he will now try to trap Helena so that he can catch her alive in any circumstance. No matter, the lady has been causing harm from more than a decade ago.

helena Will Ashoka expose Rajmata Helena?

In addition, once again she tried to kill him and Bindusar but Nayak rescued them at the right time. However, Ashoka will not leave her at anyhow because he knows she is the mastermind of everything and this time he will expose her at any cost.

Helena Will Know She Will Be EXPOSED

The plan of hiding in the palace will turn out to be fatal for Helena as she will sense danger in the form of Ashoka. She knows there is no escape route and so she will ask help from Unan. Whether or not she will get support at the right time is the question but we hope  AShoka nabs her at the right time this time and even bring her in  front of everybody.

suzanne bernert chakravartin ashoka samrat fame Will Ashoka expose Rajmata Helena?

Let Bindusar know that Ashoka was right but it was the ploy of Helena that made him misunderstand Ashoka all these years. We want to see Helena exposed soon.

Image Source: Colors TV, 4


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