Now that Ashoka is trying his best to trap Khorasan – Will he be able to expose him soon?

Janmashtmi celebration is going on full swing in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. Everybody has something or the other in their minds. While the queens want to win the game, Helena wants to know what is going on between Chanakya and Ashoka. Besides, Mir Khorasan has vowed to kill both Devi Dharma and her son on the occasion of Janmashtmi, and at the same time, Ashoka is determined to make Mir fall in his trap.

chakravartin ashoka samrat ashoka khorasan Will Ashoka Be Successful in Exposing Mir Khorasan?

Now the question is

Is This Just a Plan to Know the Reason of Helena’s & Khorasan’s Togetherness or Ashoka Will Really Catch Khorasan Red-Handed?

From past few days Ashoka is fooling Mir Khorasan in his own way. Mir doesn’t know that, what he is thinking as clues is actually a trap by both Ashoka and Chanakya. Not only Mir even his guptchar are a victim of Ashoka’s plan as Ashoka at various occasions fooled them smartly. So, while Mir is trying to get hold of Devi Dharma and his son, Ashoka has already made plans to expose Mir Khorasan.

mir khorasan  Will Ashoka Be Successful in Exposing Mir Khorasan?

According to the spoiler, on the occasion of Janmashtmi, Ashoka will trap Mir Khorasan in a net and come in front of him. However, Helena has sensed that something is going on between Ashoka and Chanakya, and so it would be interesting to see whether Ashoka will get hold of Mir easily or will he have to face Helena and her forces to get to Mir?

However, now that Helena is on an alert zone, it is quite possible that she will try her best to rescue Khorasan from Ashoka and Chanakya’s trap. And you never know this is the real plan of Chanakya to know what’s cooking between Khorasan and Helena.

But Ashoka Has Vowed to Teach Mir Khorasan a Lesson and Expose Him

Ashoka is all set to trap Mir Khorasan and expose him on the day of Janmashtmi. In the past few days he has been constantly trying to get hold of Mir Khorasan with the help of Chanakya, and going by the flow it is quite obvious that Ashoka will soon get hold of Mir Khorasan. However, whether he will be able to expose him completely is totally another story.

Without exposing Khorasan completely, Ashoka cannot prove that Devi Dharma is innocent. This clearly depicts that Mir Khorasan’s end is near. Soon, we will see Mir too getting beheaded for all the crimes and injustice that he has done so far.

mir khorasan Will Ashoka Be Successful in Exposing Mir Khorasan?

Now will that reveal Rani Noor’s and Rajkumar Siamak’s truth? Will it reveal that Rajmata Helena too was involved in putting the blame on Devi Dharma? Will it expose Rani Niharika’s true intentions? Well, only time will tell. However, one thing is clear that soon Devi Dharma will be proved innocent and Chanakya will reveal the face behind Rani Subrasi’s sevika who is none other than Devi Dharma.

Though the “khulasa” will shock everybody including the Queens and Rajkumar, it would be really a moment of joy for Ashoka and the viewers to see the family reunion after such a long time. No wonder, we have been waiting for such an episode for a long time

What do you think will Ashoka be able to reveal Khorasan’s reality in front of Bindusar?

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