Ashoka will rescue his father and family from Nicator’s attack?

Everything has turned against Magadh in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. No wonder, things have gone so wrong that Samrat Bindusar does not trust Ashoka anymore. Even if he trusts him as a warrior, his trust as a son isn’t the same like before. And this cold vibes which have been created by the haters of Ashoka has become a major cause of destruction for Magadh.

Yes. Selecus Nicator is all set to attack Magadh with his army along with Mir Khorasan and Bindusar has nothing for his support. Not even Ashoka as he too  will be moving out of Magadh soon.

Ashoka is Heading Towards Kaling

Samrat Bindusar called Ashoka and asked him to go to Kalinga province along with Kaurwaki and her father Jagannath. Samrat wants Ashoka to help them win Kaling yet again by defeating Jagannath’s brother. Bindusar has no idea that in Ashoka’s absence, his palace will be attacked and all his so called supporters will no more be his supporter.

ashoka serial king Will Ashoka Save Magadh from Nicator’s attack?

Both his sons Sushim and Siamak show their true colors when the Unanis will attack Pataliaputra and his palace. He has no idea that the son he is misunderstanding is indeed his benefactor while the other two are traitors. Unfortunately, the benefactor will be out of sight and the traitors will be with him when Nicator will plan an attack. Khorasan too is eager to take his revenge from Bindusar. Yes, all willhappen when Ashoka will head towards Kaling leaving his ailing father.

Nicator is All Set to Attack the Palace

Nicator is relieved that Ashoka will not be in the palace during his attack as he can turn anything in his favor. Annoyed that Bindusar has imprisoned his daughter, Nicator has ensured that this time he wins anyhow. Besides, he is getting timely information from Siamak who is constantly helping him.

rajmata helena Will Ashoka Save Magadh from Nicator’s attack?

Rajkumar Sushim is happy that Ashoka is leaving the Palace and going for a war in Kaling, the same Kaling which even Chandragupta Maurya couldn’t capture. He is happy that in his absence he will soon be able to rule his father’s heart. However, he has no idea that soon he will have to face Nicator’s army that too alone. Moreover, he doesn’t even have Ashoka with him to fight the battle.

While, Sushim thinks he and Siamak are one team, he has no idea why Rajmata is supporting Siamak and what is his relationship with her. This will further create more mess in the Palace.

Now the question is –

Will Ashoka Come at the Right Time to Help His Father?

Ashoka is all set to move towards Kaling. However, he is fearing, fearing for everything that he has been leaving behind. After all, his father is still ailing and he knows thee enemies are still enjoying in the Palace. This makes us think whether Ashoka will return to Magadh and fight against the army. Or will everything be over before Ashoka realizes what really happened in Magadh post his departure.

chakravartin ashoka samrat colors tv wallpaper images pics photos Will Ashoka Save Magadh from Nicator’s attack?

We wonder what the writers are upto as we cannot comprehend anything since the story is nothing close to the reality

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