Will Rajkumar Ashoka go to Patliaputra in Ashoka serial?

The fact of Chand is out in front of everybody. Everybody knows that Chand is Ashoka. Rajkumar Sushim, Maharani Charumitra, Siamak, Rajmata Helena and Mahmatya’s plan almost failed when Nayak brought Rani Dharma in front of everybody and she addressed Chand as Ashoka.

Everything was crystal clear and everybody including Samrat Bindusar realized that Chand is indeed Ashok.

mohit raina as ashoka Will Ashoka Return to Patliaputra?

Samrat Bindusar Insisted Ashoka to Return to Patliaputra

Seeing Rani Dharma face to face, Samrat Bindusar once again realized his mistake. Instead of being ruthless, he started feeling guilty. No wonder, with Ashok, he punished Dharma and their newborn son Vit too who was literally at no fault.

ashoka serial Will Ashoka Return to Patliaputra?

Samrat at once decides to forgive Ashoka and even insists him to return to Pataliaputra. While, Rani Dharma and Vit readily agree, Ashok denies returning to Patliaputra and even confronts Samrat for his vicious words 10 years ago when he called him an orphan. He reminds Samrat that since he declared him an orphan he has no connection with him.

Ashok Refuses to Forgive His Father

While, Bindusar readily forgives Ashok for everything, Ashok refrains from forgiving his father. He blames his father for the condition of his mother and brother. He calls him stern for abandoning his wife and newly born son.

ashoka colors tv Will Ashoka Return to Patliaputra?

While, Vit, his brother tries to console and convince him to return with them, Ashok makes him realize his promise – The promise that Vit has to take care of Maa and Matrubhoomi in his absence. Vit assures he’ll take care of his mother. Next, much to everybody’s dismay, Ashok moves out of the place – leaving everybody in shock. No, he has no intentions to go back to Patliaputra.

The Enemies of Ashok are Anxious

By bringing Rani Dharma at the right time, Acharya Radhagupt and Nayak ensured that the plans of Ashoka’s enemies fail. No wonder, it did end Helena’s dream of seeing the two brothers crushing each other. While Ashok looked annoyed, it was indeed a good decision as his enemies cannot bring harm to him.

Ankit Arora Sushim Will Ashoka Return to Patliaputra?

Besides, they are once again anxious and scared – so much that they have nothing much to think about. We are sure they will make some or the other mistake which will work in Ashok’s favor.

Now the question is – Will Ashok Return to Patliaputra?

Rajkumar Sushim on the insistence of Helena will try to harm Vit. Besides, as Acharya Radhagupt said Ashok cannot be away from Maa and Matrabhoomi. So it is quite obvious that Ashoka will indeed rush to Patliaputra soon to save his Maa, Matrabhoomi and of course his brother Vit. Moreover, he has to punish the killers of his Guru. The right time has come and he cannot let them roam now without getting them punished.

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