Know the history about Rajkumar Ashoka and Rajkumar Sushim. Also know the connection of Ashoka with his father Samrat Bindusar

In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Rajkumar Sushim is on the deathbed and Ashoka has been sentenced to death for attempting his murder.

While, everybody seems to be sad by this plot, it makes many people wonder whether this really happened in history or not – The situation where Ashoka tries to kill Sushim in the presence of his own father while protecting a girl.

ashoka samrat serial Ashoka Was Never Given Death Sentence by Samrat Bindusar!


Ashoka Was Punished Once

When Rajkumar Sushim was made the viceroy of Ujjain, he couldn’t curb the protests of the local rebellions. He believed that even Ashoka wouldn’t be able to curb the region wide protest. Next, he thought of a plan to use the situation against Ashoka, his brother as well as a competitor.

This is the reason why he insisted his father to send Ashoka in Ujjain. He thought Ashoka too would fail to suppress the revolt. However, his plan failed drastically when Ashoka could stop the revolt easily.

colors chakravartin ashoka samrat pics Ashoka Was Never Given Death Sentence by Samrat Bindusar!

Yes, as soon as Ashoka reached Ujjain, the Ujjainis stopped protesting and welcomed Ashoka with open arms. Ashoka’s mere presence did wonders and Sushim’s plans to insult Ashoka failed. This was a huge blow for Sushim. So, he masterminded another plan.

Next, Sushim tried to fill his father’s ears. He said Ashoka’s glory has made him egoistic and haughty. He then turned the situation in such a way that Samrat Bindusar indeed believed that Ashoka had become proudy. So, in order to punish him and teach him a lesson, Samrat Bindusar on the insistence of Sushim sent Ashoka in exile unaware of the fact that this was Sushim’s plans to keep him away from the capital as well as the palace.

This was the most cruel punishment Ashoka ever got from his father. Yes, Rajkumar Ashoka never got a death sentence for attempting murder on his own brother when his father Bindusar was alive.


Ashoka Did Kill His Brother Rajkumar Sushim After the death of his father Samrat Bindusar

After the death of Samrat Bindusar, there was a war amongst the brothers to become the ultimate heir. Every son including Ashoka and Sushim wanted to be the next heir.

However, Ashoka turned out to be victorious. He not only killed Rajkumar Sushim but also other brothers. In all, he killed his 6 brothers (not 99 as mentioned in some of the texts. The 99 part is just an exaggeration).

ashoka sushim fight Ashoka Was Never Given Death Sentence by Samrat Bindusar!

Though historical references show that Ashoka killed his brothers to become the Mauryan King, there is another story that he killed Sushim because he had planned the killing of his mother Rani Dharma.

So, in reality he did kill his brother Sushim but that was only after the death of Samrat Bindusar and not in his presence. The death sentence in the serial is totally fictional and has completely no relation with history.


Ashoka Never Shared a Healthy Relationship with Samrat Bindusar

In the serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat it is shown that Samrat Bindusar and Ashoka shared a very happy and healthy relationship where the two loved each other unconditionally. However, in reality Samrat Bindusar never favored Ashoka.

bindusar ashoka relationship Ashoka Was Never Given Death Sentence by Samrat Bindusar!


In fact, Ashoka was a neglected child and was not Bindusar’s favorite son. On the contrary, he loved his first born dearly. Moreover, Bindusar even wanted Sushim to become his heir but Radhagupt and other Brahmin leaders altered situations in a way that led to the crowning of Ashoka.

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