Ashoka is all set to expose Mir Khorasan and reveal the fact that he is Dharma’s sister – Will Ashoka Fail Rajmata Helena’s Plan Forever?

Ashoka is on the verge of exposing Mir Khorasan. He is all set, and is waiting for the right time. The right time has come – It is Samrat Bindusar’s birthday. When the entire palace will be in a joyous mood and Team Rajmata will be busy in strategizing their plan, Ashoka will use them against their own scheme.

ashoka colors Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Will Ashoka Fail Rajmata Helena’s Plan Forever?

Rajmata Helena is Scheming Against Dharma and Her Son

Rajmata Helena along with Rani Noor, Rani Niharika and Mir Khorasan is making sure that Rani Dharma do not enter the palace on Samrat’s birthday. Little do they know that both Dharma and her son are in the same palace and they have been misguided by Dharma’s own son Ashoka. They think this will be their big day and they will indeed get the catch. However, Ashoka too has vowed to reunite his parents on this day.

helena colors serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Will Ashoka Fail Rajmata Helena’s Plan Forever?

Will Ashoka Be Successful in Revealing Mir Khorasan?

Mir Khorasan has all the support of Rajmata Helena because they want the same thing – Samrat Bindusar’s pain and Rajkumar Siamak’s win. So, it is apparent she will ensure that Mir Khorasan is not hurt in any way. However, the plan that is going in Ashoka’s mind is ought to surprise both Rajmata Helena and Mir Khorasan. What’s more, it will shatter Rani Noor completely, shock Rani Niharika and stump Maharani Charumitra, Rani Subhrasi, Mahamatya, Sushim and all others.

maurya king regime ashoka colors Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Will Ashoka Fail Rajmata Helena’s Plan Forever?

However, it would be interesting to see how Ashoka will trap Mir Khorasan in his plan and make him reveal whatever he did to Dharma and her son 14 years ago. You never know he might even make a confession in Rajkumar Justin style if Ashoka gets all the evidence against him.

If Mir Gets Caught and Ashoka’s Reality come in Front, Helena Will lose all the Grip

Exposing Mir Khorasan will handicap Helena forever as it will reveal Mir’s desire and also Rani Noor’s wish. It would be interesting to see everyone’s reaction after knowing Rani Noor’s involvement in Devi Dharma’s attack especially Rajkumar Siamak who will be shocked to know that his own Khorasani people were against his father BINDUSAR. Poor kid, he doesn’t know he is not Mauryan but son of RANI Noor from a Unani Rajkumar Justin.

However, it would be interesting to see whether Mir will reveal Noor’s name or take everything on his end. Post this Rani Niharika might change her plan, she wouldn’t be interested in Rajkumar Sushim anymore as Ashoka is Samrat Bindusar’s favorite. She might then ask Ashoka’s hand for Ahannkara and move out Helena’s grip and plan.

noor khorasan mir khurasan ashoka colors Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Will Ashoka Fail Rajmata Helena’s Plan Forever?

Helena will once again be alone in her fight and she will loose all the grip in her struggle to make Siamak, the next heir of Samrat Bindusar. Her dream of seeing Bindusar beheading Dharma will remain in her dreams only, putting an full stop of seeing her grandson Rajkumar Siamak on the Magadh throne because Bindusar will consider Ashoka than Siamak. What’s more, Ashoka has Chanakya’s support too.

Finally! We will see Ashoka reuniting Rani Dharma and his father Samrat Bindusar. In this entire scene will the reality of Siamak will come in picture? Well, only time will tell.

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