Will Samrat know that Ashoka is innocent before he breathe his last??

Everybody thinks that Ashoka is dead and so are his mother and brother. However, Nayak and Acharya Radhagupt ensured that they are safe and sound. This is the reason why they stalked them over the years so that they could leave in peace. They were the ones who even ensured that Rajkumar Sushim’s spy do not get any hint about Ashoka and his mother in these 10 years.

On the other hand, Samrat thinks that Ashoka is dead. Though he misses both Ashoka and his mother, he doesn’t show the pain. Instead, he has become more stern and strong – showing no more emotions and feelings for anybody.

bindusar ashoka relationship Will Samrat Know Ashoka ’s Reality While He is Still Alive?

Now the question is –

Will Samrat Know that His Wife and Two Sons are Still Alive?

Rani Dharma chose her son Ashoka instead of her husband. She preferred to stay a life full of hardship than to live in the palace peacefully. No wonder, she even sacrificed the life of her another son just because of Ashok because she knew Ashok was not wrong and whatever he did was for the good of his father as well as Magadh.

bindusara dharma ashoka serial songs Will Samrat Know Ashoka ’s Reality While He is Still Alive?

However, over the years things changed, Ashok became all the more aggressive and transformed into a completely different person. He is no more the soft Ashok who cared for the world but an aggressive Chand who will not spare anybody.

He is in staying in completely different place in the province of Ujjain. Now not just Nayak and Acharya Radhagupt, even Kalinga’s princess Kaurwaki and Rajkumar Sushim knows that AShok is alive. While, Rajkumar Sushim knows it through his spies, Kaurwaki is hopeful

Interestingly, all of them are on their way to meet Ashok in Ujjain. They also had few touch and go scenes too. We wonder if any of these events directly or indirectly give Samrat the news that both his sons and wife is still alive and living a very sad life in Ujjain and getting punished for the crimes that they have not committed.

This makes us think –

Whether Samrat Will Know that Ashok Was Innocent and He Still Made Him Suffer

In the serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat before the leap we saw almost everything went against Ashok. Worst, he couldn’t prove himself before his father. Stuations turned in such a way that his father too started hating him and stop trusting him. Samrat though Ashok has become greedy and hungry for throne. However, the truth was Ashoka wanted to be a people’s man so that she could save not just Magadh but the royal family including Samrat himself.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari Will Samrat Know Ashoka ’s Reality While He is Still Alive?

However, Samrat got webbed in the lies of Helena, Sushim, Siamak, and Mahamatya. He became the ultimate sufferer. We wonder, whether Samrat will ever know that he was wrong and whatever AShoka did was the best. Will Samrat know his fault well before he dies is something that is making us very curious.

What do you think – Will that happe or will Siamak and Sushim once again turn situations worse?


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