Ashoka Serial Update: Ashoka to stab Kaurwaki in the Kalinga war!

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial has taken an altogether new turn. Almost all the hindrances and interferences in Ashoka’s path are either dead or missing. Ashoka is finally the Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and is ready to turn his Guru’s dream into reality. This time around no enemies is alive to create hurdles.

However, Sushim’s wife Chanda did come and curse him. Jagannath too is alive. So the Kalinga war is bound to happen. While we are wondering what will be the concluding end to the serial, the makers have given a hint of the Kalinga war.

mohit in ashoka serial Serial Update: Ashoka Stabs Kaurwaki in the Kalinga War!

Kaurwaki to Fight Against Ashoka in the Kalinga War?

In the concluding episode of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Ashoka will be seen fighting the Kalinga War. Kaurwaki too will fight but not with Ashoka but against Ashoka with a veil on her face. Ashoka won’t realize that he is fighting Kaurwaki till he stabs her and the veils falls off her face. Though we are not sure whether Kaurwaki will die or stay behind according to the ending script of the serial, the truth is that Kaurwaki and Ashoka never fought each other in the Kalinga battle.

Saumya Seth Kaurwaki Serial Update: Ashoka Stabs Kaurwaki in the Kalinga War!

Ashoka married Kaurwaki during the later stages of his life. Besides, Kaurwaki was no warrior princess or the daughter of Kalinga. She in fact was the daughter of a fisherman. Kaurwaki was indeed the daughter of Kalinga but not the daughter of any king as she wasn’t a princess.

Did Ashoka Stab Kaurwaki?

Well, now that there is no evidence of these two warring each other in history. There is obviously no record of Ashoka stabbing Kaurwaki. In fact, Ashoka married Kaurwaki. She was one of his favorite wives. This is the reason why her name finds a special place in the Ashoka pillars.

ashoka colors tv Serial Update: Ashoka Stabs Kaurwaki in the Kalinga War!

According to the text mentioned on the pillars, Kaurwaki had a son too and both of them played an important role in Ashoka’s life. However, this son died young. So, it is quite apparent that Ashoka married Kaurwaki and they both had a family life as well. But, all this happened well after Ashoka’s first son (Mahendra) and first daughter (Sanghamitra) was born to Devi. However, now that in the serial Devi is going away from Ashoka’s life permanently, we wonder how will the serial justify the birth of the first two.

Interestingly, Sushim’s wife Chanda is pregnant well before Devi could even conceive. This is totally confusing and out of track. However, this is the amusing part of the fictional serial, sometimes they miss out the real history while depicting the fictional elements.

Image Source: Colors TV

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